Bruce Jenner Interview & Lab Rats return

Bruce jenner Diane Sawyer

Liz, Sheila, Monica and Lian Dolan on the podcast give their thoughts on the Bruce Jenner Interview on ABC with Diane Sawyer. Moving, Illuminating and Fascinating. Hear what the sisters have to say about the interview watched by 17 million. Highlights of the Interview from ABC News here. 

Plus, Liz watches the Nerd Prom and gives her own personal coverage of the White House Correspondants Dinner. Hats off to President Obama and host Cicely Strong excellent cameo from Keegan-Michael Key from Key + Peele as Luther the Anger Translator. 

Sheila and Monica are back as the Lab Rats Test Facial Exfoliators. Hear what they think about Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Peeling Gel   . One of the rats loves the way it makes your face fall off and one of the Rats prefer facial peels that freeze your face.

Your face basically comes off like little clumps of rubber cement. Sheila Dolan

Sheila recommends Iroha Green Tea Relax Day Mask

Dear Mothers of Girls, we apologize for our sons’ lame-osity. Signed Mothers of Boys  The Prom reveals just what poor planners and communicators High school boys are. Believe me, Mothers of Girls, it’s not our fault!

Global Dinner partners share stories. Liz’s business trip to Asia yields an unusual dinner conversation. Frog’s Legs, anyone?

Monica  has a House Update. The Tear Down of her neighbor’s house is complete. Now what in the neighbor’s remodeling project.

Mashed Potatoes vs. Scalloped Potatoes– a straw poll. What should Lian make for dinner tonight to go with her Tri Tip?

A Double episode of out Outlander Re-Cap

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