Eclipse 2017 Spectacular: Astronomer Robert Kirshner Explains It All

Astronomer Robert Kirshner  interviewed by the Satellite Sisters about the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.

Whether you will spend Aug 21 inside the totality of the solar eclipse or outside,our Eclipse 2017 Spectacular interview with astronomer Robert Kirshner lets you in on what to watch for. You may or may not want to follow his advice about using a colander as a viewing device. Eclipse glasses are required no matter what.

Eclipse 2017 Spectacular: Astronomer Robert Kirshner Explains All To The Satellite Sisters.  Satellite Sisters Liz Dolan, Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan are joined by noted astronomer Dr. Robert Kirshner in a special podcast episode devoted entirely to #Eclipse2017 which will sweep across the United States on August 21. The Satellite Sisters know Kirshner as Cousin Bob, the family astronomer.  He is also the Clowes Professor of Science at Harvard University and the Chief Program Officer for Science at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in Palo Alto, CA.  On this Satellite Sisters Eclipse 2017 special podcast episode, Dr. Kirshner recommends some key resources for everyone interested in enjoying the historic celestial event. The Moore Foundation has distributed eclipse glasses to thousands of public libraries throughout the country. For complete information on a site near you and an information guide, go to For additional authoritative information on Eclipse 2017, go to Great American Eclipse.

Robert Kirshner astronomer on Satellite Sister podcast eclipse 2017 special

Robert Kirshner is a noted astrophysicist, a long-time member of the Harvard faculty and the Chief Science Officer at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Luckily for the Satellite Sisters, he is also our family astronomer Cousin Bob so we roped him into explaining this whole eclipse to us. Thanks, Cuz!

In this entertaining and informative interview from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kirshner explains what makes the human experience of “the totality” so unique. Liz Dolan will be among the millions of Americans who have positioned themselves in that narrow band for the 100% eclipse. And for those who live in parts of the country where they will view a partial eclipse, including Lian Dolan in Pasadena CA and Julie Dolan in Dallas TX, he has advice for maximum enjoyment + safety.  Kirshner also describes what scientists will be able to observe and learn during the historic eclipse.  On August 21, he will be at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho, which is in the path or totally, of course. Robert Kirshner’s book The Extravagant Universe: Exploding Stars, Dark Energy and The Accelerating Cosmos is available at amazon.

The Satellite Sisters will host a second Eclipse 2017 on Tuesday August 22 to discuss their experiences.  If you wish to post messages about your experiences to be shared on that podcast special, please join the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group.  Follow the Satellite Sisters on Twitter and Instagram @SatSisters. Tag your posts #eclipse2017 and #eclipseolypse2017.

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