Stunt Sister Kate Casey, Royal Wedding, Sheila + Monica Do Tuesday Trends

Royal Wedding

Have a great life, you two, and take good care of that adorable beagle Guy, world’s luckiest rescue dog. On today’s podcast, we list our favorite elements of the royal wedding, including the pooch.

Welcome to our Stunt Sister Kate Casey and our real sisters Sheila Dolan and Monica Dolan.  Kate Casey is a comedian, author, and host of the wildly entertaining Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast. She is considered the Diane Sawyer of reality television interviewing reality stars of the past and present and forcing a varied group of guests to watch and review an episode of a reality television show. With Kate, we discuss the season finale of Dancing With The Stars(Tonya’s redemption?), the Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Countryand the impending birth of Kate’s fifth child. For Tuesday Trends, Monica has an idea about the sharing economy and Sheila is interested in rebranding herself professionally.  Homework Therapist??  That’s a thing???

Liz lists her favorite parts of the royal wedding today and Julie has four things she loved about the college graduation she just attended.

reality Life with Kate Casey

Special thanks for Stunt Sister Kate Casey who joined us today to talk TV. Check out her wildly entertaining podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey.

To listen to Kate’s interview with the directors of Wild, Wild Country, go here.  Visit Kate’s  website here.

Next week, Lian will be back with her complete travel report from Italy and France. We can’t wait!!

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