We are celebrating some all-time Satellite Sisters FAVORITES episodes this summer. Now’s your chance to catch up on the classics! Click below to listen: Madness + Mayhem: Cozy Couch, Naked Locker Rooms Convos, Mensa Word Game Julie’s Tale of the Slobbery Tennis Ball, Sheila on Science, Lian’s TV Habits Root Canal Fro-Yo Rage and How […]

FAVORITES: We’ve never solved this 2008 mystery of Julie, the stranger and Zorro’s slobbery tennis ball. Lian, Monica and Sheila can’t believe Julie was so trusting with an odd request. What started as a “sticky situation” became a potentially dark tale. Julie recommends a new play based on Little House on the Prairie that’s on stage in Minnesota. Lian has some […]

This summer we will be posting some of our FAVORITE episodes ever!  Some from way back in the archive, others published more recently – these are the shows that still make us laugh.  We start today with a classic:  Dolan Family College-Dropoffs.  That’s right.  Lian’s tale of how she actually got to college in California […]

Plan the perfect Getaway to Santa Fe with our special Santa Fe Travel Episode!  Need a place and space to recharge and reinvent? If you read The Marriage Sabbatical and want to book your trip to the City Different, this is the episode for you. Santa Fe inspired me to write the book and the […]

Liz announces her “Lizness Not Business” plan for 2024-25: She’s been accepted as a Fellow in Stanford University’s Distinguished Careers Institute. On this new episode, she answers Julie and Lian’s questions about the program and why she decided to make a big move this fall. You can also check out the program here. https://dci.stanford.edu/ Lian […]



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