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New Satellite Sisters podcast is up with Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan. We cover tech, from dongles to Duolingua. We cover generational quirks, from Gen Zers to Gen Xers and Beyond. And we cover one more movie NOT to see,   Thank you to our sponsors and to listeners who use these special […]

It’s the Satellite Sisters Best Beach Bag Books 2023 reveal.  Mystery! Memoir! Thriller! Romance! Literary Fiction! We cover lots of genres run our list for your beach bag. Or your car ride. Or a rainy weekend at the lake. Plus, we welcome writer Connie Wang to talk about her new memoir Oh My Mother!, a […]

It’s our annual Satellite Sisters Best Beach Bag Books list. From Romance to mystery to memoir to literary fiction to domestic thriller, we’ve got you covered. Read on a beach. Listen in the car.  Curl up under a blanket in a cozy cottage. Share with a book club. Or build yourself a reading nook and […]

Satellite Sisters

PODCAST is UP! Health and wellness topics on our mind: mental health for teens, aging necks and all those middle-aged groans and better breakfasts. Plus, Costco knows how to upsell and Julie has the best dessert recommendation. Plus, tow shows we won’t be watching: Dead Ringers and Fatal Attraction.     Thank you to our […]

Is any gossip good? Are all HOAs bad? What so great about Italian Life anyway? Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan answer these and other questions on today’s Satellite Sisters. Plus, we love The Diplomat, Judy Blume and our old friends and Tupperware.   Thank you to our sponsors and to listeners for using […]



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