013123 Show Notes! Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan have a packed podcast this week.  Generational Differences when it comes to parenting, paper napkins and cow’s milk.  Or how about Wellness Trends We Reject. And all the good stuff as Julie tests Trader Joe’s Top Products. Plus, Book/Film/TV Recommendations.      Thank you to […]

                  New podcast is up. Travel Report from Hiking in Chile, Movies and Sports Documentary recommendations and a tribute to the ballroom dance community in Monterey Park.     Thank you to our sponsors and to listeners for using these special links and urls: Prose https://prose.com/sisters Butcher […]

It’s Liz and Lian holding down the fort today. We talk travel, food allergies, PR pitches, memoirs about fame and podcast recommendations.   Thank you to our sponsors and to listeners for using these special urls and codes:     Beis Luggage  Click here  Calm Meditation App  Click here Prose Hair Care Products   Click here  Rothys […]

The Satellite Sisters are back! First podcast episode of 2023. Yes, we have new personal themes for the year. Plus trends, tips, travel reports and recommendations.               Holiday Recap: LAX-based Captain Brian Jackson of United Airlines, we salute you for saving Liz’s Hawaiian vacation. A Christmas miracle! Liz’s brush with […]

We made it! With bells on this time around. And so did you. The Satellite Sisters season finale features #satsisterslookwhatIdid contributions from listeners all over. To read them, join the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group here. Liz, Julie and Lian share their own accomplishments, big and small. Plus, details on the Holiday Wrap Party and Ways to […]



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