In Remembrance of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Hello, Satellite Sisterhood... Lian here on a Friday afternoon. As we remember Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's life and legacy, I took a look back at some of the moments we spoke about her on Satellite Sisters. First, I wrote a piece…

I am Tom Watson by Lian Dolan

My family reacts with horror and mistrust every time I mention that I have gone golfing. I get that the Dolans are not a golfing family. And, golf appears to be a genetic sport, like curling, so my siblings and parents can't seem to understand…
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I Have Been Wearing The Wrong Bra size for 20 Years by Liz Dolan

    Before Third Love came aboard as a Satellite Sisters sponsor, Liz spent a lot years in the wrong bra size. From the Satellite Sisters Blog Archives: I won't get into specifics of the size difference, so don't even try.…
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Are you my Satellite Sister? Satellite Sisters Qualification Questions

From the Satellite Sisters Archives: It should be fairly easy to spot the Satellite Sisters in your life. In fact, you're probably getting together for a game of canasta later on. But just in case you have doubts about a potential Satellite…
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Julie and Julia and Edna and Liz by Liz Dolan

From the archives:   I took my mother to see Julie and Julia yesterday. My father stayed home so he could see the Red Sox lose and Tiger lose. Of course, he did not know when he opted to stay home that he was losing and we were…