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#Witchileaks! We replay our Satellite Sisters Spookilicious Costume Challenge from 2008.

Maybe our BEST INTRA-SISTER CONTEST EVER. This was just too good not to repeat. Our 2008 Satellite Sisters Spookilicious Costume Challenge!

Who won? Listen to today’s replay of the podcast episode that features guest judge Kathy Douglass, who does a bang-up job even without a costume! Accents and everything.

The first witch is Julie…

Julie: Classic Witch with a Twist

I had to dig deep to find my inner witch. I wanted to be a classic Wizard of Oz witch with a green face, long scary nose, black clothes, striped socks and a big hat. I ended up being a a Classic Witch with a Twist because shortly before the contest photo submission deadline, I twisted my ankle while walking my dog. It was not Zorro’s fault. After a trip to the emergency room and x-rays, I added a flexible boot cast and crutches to my Classic Witch with a Twist costume.

Lian: Yoga Class Witch
You know her, the one with the perfect body and the supertrendy lululemon yogawear. She brings her own mat and her Earth- Mother- with- a- Mercedes attitude. She can do Full Pigeon without grunting. She can do a shoulder stand in the middle of the room. Her “oms” are on pitch and the teacher uses her to demonstrate everything you can’t do. And what’s the worst thing about Yoga Class Witch? She has 3 children! Curses, Yoga Class Witch. And Namaste.

Monica: The Witch of Drugtown

I dressed up as The Witch of Drugtown. Yes, that Drugtown on Montana Avenue. With assistance from Miguel and sister Sheila, I selected the velvet witch hat with glow in the dark tresses from the costume section of this neighborhood pharmacy. Thanks to Drugtown’s extensive make-up aisle, I was able to find the perfect witchy (but not too witchy) red lipstick.

Sheila: Hag with a Swag
My Irish witch is in the tradition of the supernatural fairies and spirits. She comes out of the woods and casts spells on everyday folk so beware!! She could be hiding in the heath so step lightly when you go. Her all black outfit and black boots keep her hidden in the dark of night. Her flaming red hair is on fire with the Irish evil powers. Her glasses make it easier for her to see all her pretty victims!! He He He!!!

On this Hallow’s Eve, Sheila will be out chasing down innocent bystanders and shaking her swag to warn them of danger ahead!! But by then, it’s too late!

Liz: Baby Witch
For this Satellite Sisters Spookilicious Intra-Sister Costume Contest, I took my inspiration from another group of five women who perform together: The Spice Girls. Weighing my options of Posh Witch (too skinny) , Ginger Witch (red hair covered by hat), Scary Witch (too obvious), Sporty Witch (witch in a track suit?) and Baby Witch, I decided that the latter was the way to go. With my Baby Witch, I was going for a Baby Huey Meets Wicked look. Did I succeed? I felt a little dorky sitting in my Baby Witch costume + make-up Sunday morning watching Meet The Press waiting for Sheila to arrive and take this photo but she did burst out laughing when she saw me, so it was worth it.