Winter Olympics, Teen Girls + Moms, Lian’s “Broadway” Debut, Tourism Australia

Satellite Sisters #travelAustralia

Loved seeing you on your Super Bowl ad for the fake Dundee movie, Chris Hemsworth, but loved seeing you live at the Australian Open even more! Hey, #TravelAustralia, we think our episodes about Australia were pretty great and are happy to go back any time. Tasmania, maybe??

The stock market dropped a million points? Pshaw. The Winter Olympics will take our minds off the that pesky Dow. Top Satellite Sisters at the Games:  NBC’s Andrea Joyce. The indestructible Lindsey Vonn. The unstoppable Mikaela Shiffrin.  (BTW, loved your NBC Olympics promo during the Super Bowl, MS.) We also discuss a few of our Super Bowl highlights including Dundee Movie’s Chris Hemsworth and the @BarkBox twitter feed. And Julie loves Justin Timberlake, of course.  Plus, hey @Australia, we think we did a better job promoting @TourismAus than Chris Hemsworth and DannyMcBride!   We saw Chris Hemsworth at the Australian Open, so we had him in our self-directed campaign!  On a more thoughtful note, Julie shares some interesting insights from studies of the relationships between teen girls + their mothers and news about college admission trends. Plus Lian reveals her “Broadway” dance debut. Fosse. Fosse. Fosse.

We review Lindey Vonn’s workout regimen on today’s Satellite Sisters podcast and conclude that we are no Lindsey Vonn. The Tuck Stress Thing With The Medicine Ball? We are out.

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