Welcome to the New Blog, Same as the OLD Blog


Lian and Liz in Lian’s Closet 2009

Julie and her International Businessman Husband 2010

Hello, Satellite Sisters and Misters!

We hope you are enjoying the new website and exploring the new features and functionality. This is here is  The Blog. Remember those? A place on a website to write down a few thoughts, share some recipes, sound off on the latest Taylor Swift album– like it’s 2009 again! We’re going Old Skool with the new Satellite Sisters blog. It will be a place for all of the above– but not a place for show notes.

Liz and Sheila on Montana Ave 2011


If you’re looking for the latest podcast or any podcast or any link we mention on any podcast, you can find the SHOW NOTES here.

In the meantime, we’ve gone through some of our classic posts dating back to 2007 and posted a few. In the future, we’ll be posting more from the archives, from our books and from our hearts and minds. For now, enjoy a few classic photos.

Booksigning, Brooklyn 2015

Monica Chilling 2009