The Sweeney Sisters out in Paperback! Satellite Sisters Street Team, Activate!

Hello Satellite Sisters & Misters…

Breaking news! Activate, Satellite Sisters Street Team! That’s you– if you’re reading this! My latest novel, The Sweeney Sisters arrives in Paperback on April 6th and the all-important pre-orders are happening now. I would love your help spreading the word about the book. If you’ve ever thought about a career change and going into book marketing, now’s your chance!

What can you do? Thank you for asking:

  • Share this link to your neighbors! Your mother’s group! Your college friends! Your walking pals! And let them know that the pre-order for The Sweeney Sisters is happening now. 
  • Suggest The Sweeney Sisters to your book club, then join me for a free, fun, informal online book club in June. Or schedule one of your own and I’ll be there. Contact me here to schedule.
  • Share The Sweeney Sisters on your social media. Follow me @liandolan on Instagram & Twitter.
  • Bake some of Edna Dolan’s Blueberry Muffins , put them in a basket, tuck a copy of The Sweeney Sisters in the basket and bring them to your Satellite Sisters. Okay, that’s a lot of work. But wouldn’t that be a lovely gift?
  • Join us at our event on April 11 at Sixth & I. Order a copy of The Sweeney Sisters from Politics & Prose and get a signed book plate.

Thank you, Sweeney Sisters Street Team!
xo Lian Dolan


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Make some Blueberry Muffins

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