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Today we begin posting a daily “classic” Satellite Sisters podcast Monday through Friday. These are past broadcasts of ours that have never been available online before. Just go to the audio page at ( and all is explained. You can also go to iTunes and subscribe to the daily podcast. This is what I did. That way the new show automatically loads every day as my iPod syncs up. Could not be easier. Even a sister loves listening to Classic Sisters!
We’ve gotten a bunch of questions about the podcasts so here are some quick answers: No, there is no cost. They are free. Totally free. No, you do not need an iPod or other gadget. If you want to just sit at your computer and listen while you answer your email, pay your bills or do other stuff in the room, just click on Streamed and the show will begin to play. I know many of you listen at work on headphones. This is still totally possible. And yes, we will be adding brand new shows every week. Our live radio broadcast will continue on Saturday mornings 9 am to noon Eastern time through January 5th. The podcast of that fresh, hot show will be posted as soon as we can. We’ll also be recording new material during the week and posting it for your listening pleasure. (This last bit requires us mastering a bit of new technology so cut us a little slack while we sort it out. We only just attended Blog School last week.)

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