The Big D

Delightful, Delicious and Different is how I would describe my fantastic family Thanksgiving. Here is Family Picture Number One. Now, my brother-in-law Trem is taking the shot so I hope one of the sisters will upload Family Picture Number Two so you can all see Trem! From the left we have Mom and Dad, Me, Julie, her son Will, my daughter Ruthie and Liz.

Dallas was so delightful, really. The people were super friendly, and there was a easy way about it all that I loved. Now, maybe that had to do with the fact that I was not driving anywhere (thank you Trem!) but all in all, I was really impressed with the folks I met. Speaking of meeting folks, I did enjoy lap swimming at our off site facility and I did meet a nice gentleman at the pool. We both braved the Dallas chill and cheered each other on as we dipped into the water. Let’s just call him R.B., (because those are his initials) but we seemed to have some essential things in common. We shared a love of water and soft bedding. As we conversed during our kicking portion, he shared with me about the Tempur-Pedic bed he was thinking of buying. He knew the model and had a seriousness about softness that I appreciated. I would of appreciated knowing if he was single, but as Julie said, that’s not how people in Dallas do things. Oh well. That’s why I am slogging about him.

Deliciousness could be found at every meal. I will just say that Julie and Mom cooked up some unbelievably tasty dinners. I loved Julie’s Tex-Mex meal the first night which included spicy steak, tamales, con queso sauce and yummy salad. Ruthie and I would go to sleep happy, trying to predict what we would have at the next meal. We were right about shrimp on Night Two!

Then, on Thanksgiving, there was the awesome organic turkey, perfect sides, pies and coffee which completed a three day food extravaganza. I hope Julie will post the tablescape of her beautiful table. Nothing can compare to a homecooked meal. As much as I enjoy not cooking, I do appreciate all the love and care that goes into it. So, thanks Mom and Julie and Trem and everyone who really cooked.

I am back in sunny LA and already buying take-out…but the memory of those buttery root vegetables and perfectly golden turkey are fresh in my mind. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I look forward to blogging with you all about the coming days.


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