Ten Before Twelve

It’s Sheila again with a daily update…on my day. Redundant, I know but I never was good at introductions. Well, technically it is a report on a little over a half of my day. I was never good at fractions either but if my day started (not because I wanted it to mind you) at 5:00 a.m. and ends at roughly 10:00 p.m. parental security when I hop into my Cozy Bed, then seven hours is a good portion of the pizza pie of my day. So here it is: Ten Things I Did Before Twelve Noon:

1.5:00 a.m. I was awoken by the not-so-gentle pitter patter of feet coming from my upstairs neighbor. Yes, we had the “conversation” about the noise. Thank you for helping me with that part. Yes, my scared little landlord had the talk with her. She, in turn, gave me her number so that when I hear the “mysterious sound again” I could call her! Jeez. So, at 5:00 a.m., when the mysterious sound of her steel boot slippers started, I was too angry to go back to bed so I…

2. Made a pot of triple strength Italian espresso. It is the only time I turn on the gas to cook. My ritual is very ritualized. Except this morning, I did not have clean water and was too angry to stand at the sink and do my thirty second purification process. (I run tap water to get rid of lead, toxins and contaminants from my evil neighbor.) Today, I just drank it straight up like a man.

3. Turned on my computer.

4. Checked my email. I know it’s boring but it makes me feel loved.

5. Realized I am too angry to enjoy my coffee so I checked my Master’s Swim schedule and decided to swim it out at 6:30 a.m. Swam like I was being chased by the Swimming Police.

6. Brought my Honda honey car in to be serviced. Drank more coffee out of the Starbuck’s machine in the customer lounge. Dried off in the sun. Forgot about you-know-who.

7. Flirted with a customer. Yes, well, he said hello, and I said hello back and smiled, and that, in my book, is flirting. I was happy when he went to get coffee but then when he came back out he just kept walking. I guess he was going to do something more important than drink brown water and Cremora with me. I guess it was my wet hair and pajamas.

8. Drove home with an oil change. Yippee.

9. Brainstormed about my blog. Got Miss Upstairs’ phone number at the ready for tonight.

10. Said a little thank you to the Slog for being there when I needed it. One can’t let these feelings stay bottled up inside. But it then occured to me…..

What did you do today? Anything more exciting? What Ten Things Before Twelve would make your list? I would love to know!

Slogging off,

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