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Satellite Sisters recommend Big Little Lies on HBO. #EqualPayDay

The HBO series Big Little Lies has a great story, wonderful performances by fantastic women, skillful direction and awesome real estate. What more could you ask for, Satellite Sisters? Despite last week’s finale, it not too late to start now.

Happy #EqualPayDay. Today Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan take on Equal Pay Day and women in business, in general. Liz hosts a new podcast called I Hate My Boss, so we’re glad we have her on hand to take on Mike ‘I Don’t Eat Dinner With Women” Pence. And Sheryl Sandberg sobers us up about leaning in and getting 20% less pay. Finally, women in the workplace, beware of Bill O’Reilly. Not only will he sexually harass you, he’ll harass your handbag! Can’t a Satellite Sister get a break? Lian fills us in on her citizen diplomacy with International Women of Courage and the State Department.  Liz has good news and bad news about Operation Sea Turtle, her health and wellness program.  Julie has entertainment reviews from film and television.

We start the show with with Sheryl Sandberg’s observation on Equal Pay Day that even when women Lean In, they are not achieving equality with men.  Julie shares an editorial from the Wall Street Journal by Yale professor Asha Rangappa about whether Mike Pence’s policy of never dining alone with a woman even on professional business might have unintended positive consequences.  Liz and Lian don’t buy that for one single second.  If your boss or your colleague or your employee refuses to ever eat alone with you because of your gender, that’s just wrong.  Besides being just a throwback to an age we thankfully left behind where women were barely represented in the workplace.

Bill O'Reilly sexually harasses woman and insults her purse. #EqualPayDay

Hey, Bill O. It’s bad enough to come after us but do you really need to insult our accessories? They have no voice. #staynoisy purses.

And while we are on the subject, one detail in this New York Times story of Bill O’Reilly’s harassment is almost comical.  When she rejected his advances, he insulted her purse?  Women have to defend themselves against you, Bill, but our accessories have no voice.  Lay off.

Julie is aghast at the lame officiating at the LPGA this weekend. Fans from home emailing in their own rulings a day later?  We are 100% against this.  Lexi was robbed.

In Operation Sea Turtle, Liz found a new home for her mediation classes but was disappointed to read this news about the need for interval training.

Julie reviews the film Silence by Martin Scorsese and the HBO series Big Little Lies.  She didn’t finish either but she’s still got strong opinions.

Lian tells us more about her citizen diplomacy and provides Satellite Sisters in other cities some tips about how to get involved themselves. Thanks to the listeners who attended event at  Global Minnesota.

If you are coming to our event at the Santa Monica Public Library on April 22 at 2 pm, you might also want to take in the opening of the Museum of Ice Cream in downtown LA.  Our tickets are free.  Theirs not so much.

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Disney Merch, March Sadness and the Angela Merkel School of Body Language

Angela Merkel body language

Sisters In The News: Lian Dolan floats her theory that Liz Dolan and Angela Merkel probably went to the same school of body language, with majors side-eye and eye-roll.

Today on the Satellite Sisters Podcast, we cover everything from Beauty & The Beast to DWTS, from March Sadness to Brian’s Song. But we start Sisters in the News. What do Angela Merkel & Liz Dolan have in common? Lian will tell you. It’s a body language thing. And who could use a little bit of the indefatigable energy of Julie Dolan? The Secretary of State, that’s who. Lian Dolan on the headline news that made her think of her sisters.

First up, Lian attends the Fencing Grand Prix in Long Beach, CA.  Thanks, USOC, for the invitation. You know the Satellite Sisters are Olympic junkies but who knew that fencing was its own lifestyle?? Now Lian knows.

In the news, Lian sees parallels between Liz and Angela Merkel.  Apparently, they went to the same school of body language.  Cue the eye roll. Plus, Lian notes that our international correspondent Julie is indefatigable and would be an excellent candidate for an open slot at the State Department.  Hello, Rex?

The New York Historical Society has opened a new center devoted to the contributions of women in American history, the only one of its kind in the United States. Plus, Lian reports that Nevada just approved the E.R.A.  Remember the Equal Rights Amendment? Julie still has her button.

Urban Nana Julie has a few problems with children’s museums based on her recent visits to one in Brooklyn with her granddaughter Josephine.  Plus, on her Tuesday Trends she has a question from the Wall Street Journal:  Is your refrigerator awesome enough? 

Beauty and The Beast Limited Edition Tumbler

Did you see Beauty and the Beast this weekend? And how long are you willing to stand in line for the Limited Edition Tumbler from the new movie?

Are your brackets all busted for March Madness?  So long Villanova and Duke. Liz introduces us to March Sadness, a sad song contest she heard about on OPB.  It was created by Julie Hahn in Boise and features a whole category of sad songs called Sadsteen.  Songs of misery from the Boss himself.  The River.  Streets of Philadelphia.  The Ghost of Tom Joad.  He’s the master. All songs listed on the March Sadness Facebook Group under Files once you join.

Speaking of sad, new reports tell us that the great Chicago Bear Gale Sayers is suffering from dementia. If you don’t remember Gale Sayers on the field, you may remember him as played by Billy Dee Williams in one of the best TV movies of all-time,  Brian’s Song. James Cann plays the dying Brian Piccolo. It’s a Satellite Sisters Sobfest.

Operation Sea Turtle, Liz’s fitness program, hits a snag called Yoga Sculpt Fusion.

Lian admires the Disney genius in creating the new Beauty and The Beast products.  Are you in line right now for the new tumbler?

Plus updates on from Lian on her  dance group, Steffi the German Shepherd and her vegetable garden.

Come join all five Satellite Sisters on April 22nd at the Santa Monica Public Library at 2 pm.  No-host Meet-Up to follow at Ester’s Wine Shop. Are you coming?  Thanks to Away Luggage for donating a door prize for this event.  Lian loves her Away Carry-On.  Come win one!

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We endorse Madame Secretary on CBS

Our full endorsement for the CBS drama Madame Secretary. Love the wardrobe and the starts: Tea Leoni and Tim Daly

Our full endorsement for the CBS drama Madame Secretary. Love the wardrobe and the starts: Tea Leoni and Tim Daly

On the Sunday Satellite Sisters podcast it’s Lian Dolan, Julie Dolan and Sheila Dolan on the line. It’s News, Talk & Laughs plus we get on the bandwagon with our new favortite show, Madame Secretary.  The CBS drama is now on Netflix and Sheila has raced through the whole season in three days. Sheila has her highlights of the season and they include stars Tea Leoni and Tim Daly. Plus, the wardrobe, the wardrobe, the wardrobe. To die for. Lian is making a pitch to do a re-cap for season two starting in a few weeks. Are you on board with Madame Secretary,  Satellite Sisters? 



The US Open Julie recommends Vinci & Pannetta for the Satellite Sisters Hall of Fame for their sportsmanship and thier friendship. We take a parliementarian vote.

Sheila has a Dental Emergency. What is that cool wind blowing through her mouth.

Lian is sick as a dog. Wait til you hear what her sons does.

The College Admissions game. If you have a high school senior, you know who your kid is up agianst, right? The two M’s. Malala and Malia. Speaking of Malala, should a Nobel Laureate have to take the SATs? We discuss.

Recreation rules! Slow hiking, Wanderlust Yoga Festival and more.

8 Simple Rules for style from Real Simple  Yes, they include menswear, belts and fab shoes. 

Lian and her Satellite Sister Susan at Ladies Night Out 2014. Susan makes every event a special event! @satsisters #satsistersytb #friendship

Lian and her Satellite Sister Susan at Ladies Night Out 2014. Susan makes every event a special event! @satsisters #satsistersytb #friendship



Plus, our new Facebook and Instagram contest for Fall. Post a picture of you and your Satllite Sisters on our Facebook Group or Instagram page and tell us why your Satellite Sisters are the best! Use the hashtage #satsistersytb and tag us @satsisters. We’ll pull two winners every week– one from Facebook and one from Instagram. Winners will win a copy of our book.  Two winners will be pulled every week. You’re The Best: A Celebration of Friendship. By posting your photos, you are giving us permission to use the photo for promotional purposes.


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Serena vs. Venus vs. Erica Jong 

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New Satellite Sisters Show covers Anderson and Kelly, Bethenny, taxes, haircolor and an explanation for what went wrong last week at Satellite Sisters TOC.

Yes, Anderson and Kelly. Julie wants some beads. And she loves your Endymion spirit. Complete "better late than never" Mardi Gras report on today's Satellite Sisters.

You can listen to this week’s Satellite Sisters and get all caught up on:

Julie’s assessment of Anderson and Kelly at her family’s favorite Mardi Gras parade. Learn Julie’s foolproof techniques for “locking in” to get the best beads and cups. No nudity required.

Sheila’s quality time with E and Bravo, especially with Bethenny, who manages to combine yoga and cracking heads

Monica’s gentle yoga update plus speculation on whether she has any actual base color left.  At what point do they stop being highlights?

And Liz admits to an epic fail last week.  But she and Julie have instituted a new redundancy system that would make NASA proud.

Lian’s not with us today but she’s got that TV show she’s writing and the pilot script’s a GO, so that’s good!  More next week. Or connect with her on Chaos Chronicles where she offers insight on the fact that “watching TV is easy but writing TV is hard.”

Your Satellite Sisters are here for you.

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Julie: More Ridiculousness from The New York TImes

A dog will do anything for you, even yoga or should I say doga. Here is the latest from The New York Times about classes that are “increasing in number and popularity”. Doga classes combine massage and meditation with gentle stretching for dogs and their human partners.

Just because a dog can do yoga does not mean a dog should do yoga. Look at the face of the poor dog in the picture. He doesn’t want to be in yoga class learning downward dog moves. He wants to be outside, in the park, chasing squirrels or his tail.
Dogs don’t need yoga. They need their stomachs scratched. Dogs don’t need meditation techniques, they are naturally good at relaxing and sleeping. As for deep breathing, my dog Zorro is snoring up a storm right now.

The good news is that not everyone in the yoga community is comfortable with doga. According to one yoga instructor interviewed, doga risks trivializing yoga by turning a 2,500-year-old practice into a fad. I think doga risks turning woman’s best friend into an exercise prop. What do you think?

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