Liz Dolan to launch a new podcast I Hate My Boss

Liz has a new podcast launching next week called I Hate My Boss. She and her co-host will have some fun trying to help stamp out Bad Bossery and all the other drama that unfolds at the office.

On today’s Satellite Sisters, Liz explains all about the new podcast she will be hosting called I Hate My Boss.  The first two episodes will launch April 3 but you can listen to a teaser here to get the idea.  Check it out and subscribe at iTunes so you’ll get every new show as its posted. Do you have a dilemma you think she and co-host Larry Seal should tackle?  Call their hotline at 424-224-5711 or email the show at

Want more details?  We’ll be distributing the first episode in the Satellite Sisters feed this weekend but here’s the official press release:



New Podcast Offers Expert Advice And Comedic Relief For Your Daily Workplace Experience


LOS ANGELES, March 20, 2017 – Today Wondery announces the launch of their sixth original podcast series I Hate My Boss. The format-busting series will resolve the dilemma most of us have: Whom do I turn to with a tricky question about my workplace, boss or co-workers?


In I Hate My Boss, co-hosts and workplace heroes Liz Dolan and Larry Seal will take listeners’ questions and give them advice, with the help of a scripted comedy segment based at the fictional ad agency Penn & Pencil. The characters will serve as points of reference for listeners, and will include a boss who thrives on conflict and an egomaniac yet charming creative director, as performed by UCB-trained actors.

The series will also feature exclusive interviews with thought leaders, who share some of their most difficult and career-defining workplace moments.

“Every workplace has both drama and comedy, so does I Hate My Boss. Add in fear, love, loyalty, betrayal, ambition, frustration, bliss, burnout, self-awareness and denial, and you have an emotional roller coaster. Strap yourself in!” said Dolan.

Dolan, an awarded global marketer, has served as CMO at global brands such as NIKE, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network and National Geographic Channels. She is also co-host of the long-running podcast and media brand Satellite Sisters, winner of 13 Gracie Allen Awards. Seal, a renowned executive coach and Founder and CEO of EngagedLeadership, has worked with thousands of leaders at over 200 organizations, including Google, Disney, H&M, Lucasfilm, and Sony, and over 70 of the Global 500 companies.

“Using our hearts, humor and hard-won experience, we’ll help you make the big decisions, better sort through the small stuff, and help you get more fulfillment from your work life,” said Seal.

“So many shows give advice about relationships or money – I Hate My Boss will take a space that’s seldom been addressed before: how to love your work and your workplace, in the most entertaining and meaningful possible way,” said Hernan Lopez, Founder & CEO, Wondery.

The first two episodes will premiere April 3rd, with a special sneak preview available today wherever you listen to podcasts. Audiences can submit their burning workplace questions anonymously via the I Hate My Boss hotline at 424-224-5711. I Hate My Boss joins Wondery as the newest original, alongside the critically acclaimed series Inside Psycho, Hollywood & Crime, FOUND, Terms, and Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape.

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