Egg Hunt Ban, Beauty Bar Threat, Julie + her mother-in-law

We post this classic family Easter photo every year because it just makes us smile. It’s the Dolans and the Morningstars with our identical twin moms Edna and Eleanor and our grandfather William Klarman. Can you pick out the sisters? Who’s the rabbit? And what’s Julie’s problem? Photo taken on the front steps of our cousins’ house in Rye, NY.

On this New To You episode of Satellite Sisters from 2014, Julie wants to ban Easter egg hunts, Liz fears the looming threat of beauty bars in her neighborhood, Putin invades Ukraine and Julie mourns the loss of her mother-in-law, with whom she had a very difficult relationship.

Julie calls for the end of Easter egg hunts after witnessing her grandchildren get crushed in their own. Is the word “bloodbath” too strong?? Liz and Julie recall some of their own bruising Easter egg battles with their brothers and cousins as kids.

Julie also talks about her relationship with her mother-in-law, who passed away this weekend.  It was complicated. Her mother-in-law never liked her no matter how hard Julie tried. Now in death, there is grief, sadness and ambivalence.

Liz sees some dangerous trends developing in her neighborhood.  It’s gone beyond blow-dry bars and nail salons.  The latest scourge is the new lash lounge. Don’t people have better things to do with their time and money?

Liz is taking Lian and her sons to a table read for The Simpsons.  They are very excited and don’t care that Julie blames The Simpsons for the downfall of American culture. This new episode of The Simpsons was written by Judd Apatow when he was brand new in Hollywood looking for work.

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Julie: How to fix Rhythmic Gymnastics

It is too easy to make jokes about Rhythmic Gymnastics what with all the ribbons, balls. and sequins. I think we should keep an open mind about this young sport. It is no goofier than BMX racing which seems to be all about grown-ups riding little kids’ bikes and crashing into each other. But I have some suggestions on how to broaden the rhythmic gymnastics’s appeal:

1. How about some tumbling? A few handstands, round-offs and twists with the ribbons or the big ring would really bring the sport up a bit. This sport needs some identifiable skills. Even though veteran sportscaster and solid gold Satellite Sister , Andrea Joyce was doing her best to provide lively and analytical commentary during the all-round finals ( with no help from whoever was doing color commentary whose only comment was “that was beautiful”), there was nothing to comment on. No one can tell what the skills are. I know what a one-handed round-off looks like. I have no idea how to judge the fluttering of a ribbon.

2. More apparatus and more danger. Think mini-tramps, perhaps a balance ball, a jump, or a unicycle to create more opportunity for injury. The risk of injury creates drama. Demonstrating flexibility isn’t cutting it and leaves the door open for yoga to become an Olympic sport. Currently, there is very little drama in this sport with the exception of the dirty looks that Russian competitor, Olga Kapranova gave to Ukranian Anna Bessonova after her ribbon routine.

3. Keep an open mind. In Russia and Eastern Europe, r.m. is a very popular sport. Just because Americans are nowhere near the podium in this event, we should support it for the cultural diversity it brings to Olympic events. Personally, I enjoy all the lively folk music.

There is plenty of time before London 2012 to pull this sport together. I am rooting for you Rhythmic Gymnastics! Go for it!

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