Egg Hunt Ban, Beauty Bar Threat, Julie + her mother-in-law

We post this classic family Easter photo every year because it just makes us smile. It’s the Dolans and the Morningstars with our identical twin moms Edna and Eleanor and our grandfather William Klarman. Can you pick out the sisters? Who’s the rabbit? And what’s Julie’s problem? Photo taken on the front steps of our cousins’ house in Rye, NY.

On this New To You episode of Satellite Sisters from 2014, Julie wants to ban Easter egg hunts, Liz fears the looming threat of beauty bars in her neighborhood, Putin invades Ukraine and Julie mourns the loss of her mother-in-law, with whom she had a very difficult relationship.

Julie calls for the end of Easter egg hunts after witnessing her grandchildren get crushed in their own. Is the word “bloodbath” too strong?? Liz and Julie recall some of their own bruising Easter egg battles with their brothers and cousins as kids.

Julie also talks about her relationship with her mother-in-law, who passed away this weekend.  It was complicated. Her mother-in-law never liked her no matter how hard Julie tried. Now in death, there is grief, sadness and ambivalence.

Liz sees some dangerous trends developing in her neighborhood.  It’s gone beyond blow-dry bars and nail salons.  The latest scourge is the new lash lounge. Don’t people have better things to do with their time and money?

Liz is taking Lian and her sons to a table read for The Simpsons.  They are very excited and don’t care that Julie blames The Simpsons for the downfall of American culture. This new episode of The Simpsons was written by Judd Apatow when he was brand new in Hollywood looking for work.

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Liz: Thank goodness for friends with skills! New job and new job photo for me this week.

I look so much more relaxed in this photo than I really was. Thank you, Alan Dockery!

I just started a new job this week so I needed a headshot for the announcement.   Last time this happened, I got my make-up done at the Benefit shop on Montana Ave in Santa Monica then Sheila took a picture of me with my iPhone standing outside the store against a wall. We both liked it and it did the trick. That was then.

But this time I needed to kick it up a notch because my new company said that iPhone snap was not high res enough.  Sorry Sheila!

I only had a couple of days to get it together.  Into the breach rode my friend and photographer Alan Dockery.  He offered to take it at his house over the weekend.  We tried all kinds of official looking stuff inside against seamless backgrounds, then he said “Hey, let’s try it outside in this great late afternoon light.”  It’s nice to be in the hands of a professional!

Thanks, Alan, for making me not look the least bit freaked out about my new job.  Because I am a little bit freaked out!  I started this week as the new Chief Marketing Officer of Fox International Channels.  That means that I will be marketing shows like Glee and The Simpsons all over the world.  I’ll also be working on National Geographic Channels everywhere outside the United States.  I am so excited.

You’ll hear all about it on upcoming Satellite Sisters shows.  I’ll be working a lot in Latin America.  Good thing I took four years of Latin in high school, right?  D’oh!

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Julie: Gift Giving in China and other Travel Etiquette

If you were thinking of getting the Chinese track coach, Sun Haiping a gift to cheer him up after his star hurdler, Liu Xiang was forced to withdraw, whatever you do don’t get him a clock wrapped in white wrapping paper. Both clocks and white paper denote death in Chinese culture. How do I know this? If you go to the international travel site, and click on Insights you can do a country by country travel etiquette guide. You would definitely want to get some additional sources if you were planning a trip but the site provides a useful overview that may help you avoid sending clocks to your Chinese host. Did you know that the TV show “The Simpsons was a flop when it first aired in China ( don’t get me started on why I don’t like that cynical show) because the characters had only four fingers and four is an unlucky number?

I checked out the guide to Russia and felt that it was appropriate advice. The only thing that I would add to the list is the Russian fanaticism when it comes to checking your coat at all museums, theaters, restaurants and other public buildings. Don’t even think about keeping your coat or draping it over your seat some very scary older Russian woman from the coat room will come after you. The advice for my other former hometown, Bangkok, Thailand is right on the mark. I was glad to see Vayama knows it is a sign of rudeness to put your feet up on chairs or to pat someone on the head. I may be going to Jordan in November and I was intrigued to see that I should never eat anything with my left hand. I also want to learn more about what is appropriate for female travelers.

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