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Satellite Sisters recommend Big Little Lies on HBO. #EqualPayDay

The HBO series Big Little Lies has a great story, wonderful performances by fantastic women, skillful direction and awesome real estate. What more could you ask for, Satellite Sisters? Despite last week’s finale, it not too late to start now.

Happy #EqualPayDay. Today Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan take on Equal Pay Day and women in business, in general. Liz hosts a new podcast called I Hate My Boss, so we’re glad we have her on hand to take on Mike ‘I Don’t Eat Dinner With Women” Pence. And Sheryl Sandberg sobers us up about leaning in and getting 20% less pay. Finally, women in the workplace, beware of Bill O’Reilly. Not only will he sexually harass you, he’ll harass your handbag! Can’t a Satellite Sister get a break? Lian fills us in on her citizen diplomacy with International Women of Courage and the State Department.  Liz has good news and bad news about Operation Sea Turtle, her health and wellness program.  Julie has entertainment reviews from film and television.

We start the show with with Sheryl Sandberg’s observation on Equal Pay Day that even when women Lean In, they are not achieving equality with men.  Julie shares an editorial from the Wall Street Journal by Yale professor Asha Rangappa about whether Mike Pence’s policy of never dining alone with a woman even on professional business might have unintended positive consequences.  Liz and Lian don’t buy that for one single second.  If your boss or your colleague or your employee refuses to ever eat alone with you because of your gender, that’s just wrong.  Besides being just a throwback to an age we thankfully left behind where women were barely represented in the workplace.

Bill O'Reilly sexually harasses woman and insults her purse. #EqualPayDay

Hey, Bill O. It’s bad enough to come after us but do you really need to insult our accessories? They have no voice. #staynoisy purses.

And while we are on the subject, one detail in this New York Times story of Bill O’Reilly’s harassment is almost comical.  When she rejected his advances, he insulted her purse?  Women have to defend themselves against you, Bill, but our accessories have no voice.  Lay off.

Julie is aghast at the lame officiating at the LPGA this weekend. Fans from home emailing in their own rulings a day later?  We are 100% against this.  Lexi was robbed.

In Operation Sea Turtle, Liz found a new home for her mediation classes but was disappointed to read this news about the need for interval training.

Julie reviews the film Silence by Martin Scorsese and the HBO series Big Little Lies.  She didn’t finish either but she’s still got strong opinions.

Lian tells us more about her citizen diplomacy and provides Satellite Sisters in other cities some tips about how to get involved themselves. Thanks to the listeners who attended event at  Global Minnesota.

If you are coming to our event at the Santa Monica Public Library on April 22 at 2 pm, you might also want to take in the opening of the Museum of Ice Cream in downtown LA.  Our tickets are free.  Theirs not so much.

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Lian will be live-tweeting this week from the International Women of Courage event. Are you following us @SatSisters yet? Plus Monica wants your app suggestions for her new phone.

Lian will be live-tweeting this week from the International Women of Courage event. Are you following us @SatSisters yet? Plus Monica wants your app suggestions for her new phone.

Lian, Monica and Liz tackle:

The International Women of Courage Awards in DC this week. Lian is working with the State Department to honor women from around the world with this award. She will be live-tweeting it so be sure to follow us @SatSisters.

Technological Upgrade in Monica’s life. That’s right. Monica has ditched the flip phone and she has pulled the plug on her landline. It’s all about her new iPhone. She needs your suggestions on apps. What do you suggest? List your favorite apps in the comments here or on our Facebook Group.

News about dresses made headlines this week. First, Liz helps explain #TheDress. Thanks to National Geographic Channel for the video explanation from @BrainGames. Then we ask, what were the thieves of the Lupita Nyong’o Oscar dress really thinking??

Listen here and please share the link with your own Satellite Sisters.

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Julie: Reunion

A long, long, long, time ago. My roommate Linda and I on our junior year abroad.

Before cellphones, Starbucks, or even suitcases with wheels, 32 students from my college and others headed to France for their Junior Year Abroad. This is when France was still a foreign country and doing your year abroad was a foreign adventure. Few people spoke english, no McDonalds and you headed to an American Express office in the event of an emergency.  I called my parents once at Christmas.  We spent the first six weeks sharpening our french ( in my case, more intensive remedial work was needed)  in the oh-so-charming South of France town of Aix-en-Provence and then off to Paris to live with a french family and study at french universities.   It was a seminal year for me. I learned a little french but more importantly gained lifetime friends.  I also caught the travel bug and  I’ve done my best to fuel this passion to visit and learn about other countries. Equally important, my year in France deepened my love for the United States.  I think you really appreciate all that is great about America when you look at it from afar.  Truly, my junior year abroad was the opportunity and an experience of a lifetime.

This past weekend, 20 of my classmates gathered at a french restaurant in Washington, D.C. for a reunion.  Thanks to one of my fellow JYA-ers who works for the State Department and plans Presidential visits, it was a perfect event. We made toasts, recited poems, laughed and hugged.  We also watched a brilliantly produced slide show of our year.  What a delight to watch our young fresh faces posing in front of monuments, eating baguettes and drinking wine and dressed in the darnest collection of fashion don’ts.  It was a wonderful night and I was so happy to be there.

So here’s my advice to you if you have recently received a save-the-date card or email about an upcoming reunion from you former classmates.  Just go.  Don’t talk yourself out of if because of time, expense or the thought that you don’t have anything in common with your former classmates.  I think you may be surprised.  Reconnecting, even if it is only for an evening with people who were part of your life can be very sweet.

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SSJulie: Bangkok

I don’t recognize my former hometown of Bangkok. I am watching with shock and horror as the violence between the red shirt anti-government protesters and the Thai army escalated this week. This is the worst unrest in twenty years.

I loved living in Bangkok. I tell anyone who will listen that they should go to Thailand because the Thai people, culture and history are so unique. The strong Buddhist influence made Bangkok a surprisingly peaceful city. It is, as the travel guides say, the land of a thousand smiles. Now, my old route for daily shopping is a live fire zone. And the radio studio near the US Embassy,where I did Satellite Sisters not so many years ago, is impossible to get to because of the make-shift red-shirt camp and barricades. The State Department is advising Americans not to travel to Thailand. It is tragic to watch was an emerging democracy, vibrant economy, and solid ally of the United States devolve into chaos.

The worst is that this political impasse has no end in sight. The red shirts have vowed to fight to their deaths and the government has said their will be no negotiations with the red shirts. Thailand’s beloved and revered King Bhumibol has not spoken about the recent violence. Frail and hospitalized, he may be the only hope to pull Thailand back from this crisis.

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