Sisters Live in Santa Monica, Serena Williams, Sheryl Sandberg, Peggy Whitson

Satellite Sisters do a live performance in Santa Monica: Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan, Monica Dolan and Sheila Dolan.

L to R, that’s Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan Monica Dolan and Sheila Dolan on stage together for a Satellite Sisters Ask Us Anything Show in Santa Monica. Many thanks to all the Satellite Sisters and Misters who attended and who watched LIVE on our Satellite Sisters Facebook Page. You’re the Best!

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, some highlights and behind-the-scenes of our live event in Santa Monica, salutes to 3 women in the news and Liz reviews the new National Geographic series Genius about Albert Einstein. Plus Lian relives her glory years on college radio.

A good time was had by all at the Santa Monica Public Library and Ester’s Wine Bar on Saturday April 22.  For the complete Facebook Live video of the show starring all five Dolan sisters, be sure to LIKE our Facebook Page.  It is posted there.  Thanks to all the Satellite Sisters and Satellite Misters who lined up early and stayed late for the festivities. You’re The Best!  We were happy to sign every book and bag you had.

Julie has shout-outs for 3 impressive women:  tennis champion and expectant mother Serena Williams, Astronaut Peggy Whitson and Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and author of Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy. Solid Gold Satellite Sisters all.

Serena Williams shuts down Ilie Nastase.

As if we could love you more. Serena Williams, #staynoisy.

Liz wants us all to watch Genius on National Geographic Channel, a ten-part scripted series from Ron Howard about Albert Einstein starring Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Flynn as old Einstein and young Einstein.  She attended the premiere and loved the first “unexpectedly racy” episode – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll learn a thing or two about physics! Here’s the extended trailer of Genius.

Lian is reliving her glory days this weekend with a set on her old college radio station.  Liz is refocusing on Operation Sea Turtle in advance prep for her physical next week.

Satellite Sisters Live at the Santa Monica Public Library.

The Satellite Sisterhood waiting patiently in line at the Santa Monica Public Library. Thank you to Barbara Fleeman and the team there at SMPL for even making the waiting fun and easy.

We invite any Satellite Sisters who want to share their photos to post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #satsistersytb. And tag us @satsisters. Here’s a good one of the friendly faces waiting in line at the Santa Monica Public Library that we downloaded from the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group.

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#EqualPayDay, Sheryl Sandberg, Mike Pence, Bill O’Reilly, Film and TV Reviews

Satellite Sisters recommend Big Little Lies on HBO. #EqualPayDay

The HBO series Big Little Lies has a great story, wonderful performances by fantastic women, skillful direction and awesome real estate. What more could you ask for, Satellite Sisters? Despite last week’s finale, it not too late to start now.

Happy #EqualPayDay. Today Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan take on Equal Pay Day and women in business, in general. Liz hosts a new podcast called I Hate My Boss, so we’re glad we have her on hand to take on Mike ‘I Don’t Eat Dinner With Women” Pence. And Sheryl Sandberg sobers us up about leaning in and getting 20% less pay. Finally, women in the workplace, beware of Bill O’Reilly. Not only will he sexually harass you, he’ll harass your handbag! Can’t a Satellite Sister get a break? Lian fills us in on her citizen diplomacy with International Women of Courage and the State Department.  Liz has good news and bad news about Operation Sea Turtle, her health and wellness program.  Julie has entertainment reviews from film and television.

We start the show with with Sheryl Sandberg’s observation on Equal Pay Day that even when women Lean In, they are not achieving equality with men.  Julie shares an editorial from the Wall Street Journal by Yale professor Asha Rangappa about whether Mike Pence’s policy of never dining alone with a woman even on professional business might have unintended positive consequences.  Liz and Lian don’t buy that for one single second.  If your boss or your colleague or your employee refuses to ever eat alone with you because of your gender, that’s just wrong.  Besides being just a throwback to an age we thankfully left behind where women were barely represented in the workplace.

Bill O'Reilly sexually harasses woman and insults her purse. #EqualPayDay

Hey, Bill O. It’s bad enough to come after us but do you really need to insult our accessories? They have no voice. #staynoisy purses.

And while we are on the subject, one detail in this New York Times story of Bill O’Reilly’s harassment is almost comical.  When she rejected his advances, he insulted her purse?  Women have to defend themselves against you, Bill, but our accessories have no voice.  Lay off.

Julie is aghast at the lame officiating at the LPGA this weekend. Fans from home emailing in their own rulings a day later?  We are 100% against this.  Lexi was robbed.

In Operation Sea Turtle, Liz found a new home for her mediation classes but was disappointed to read this news about the need for interval training.

Julie reviews the film Silence by Martin Scorsese and the HBO series Big Little Lies.  She didn’t finish either but she’s still got strong opinions.

Lian tells us more about her citizen diplomacy and provides Satellite Sisters in other cities some tips about how to get involved themselves. Thanks to the listeners who attended event at  Global Minnesota.

If you are coming to our event at the Santa Monica Public Library on April 22 at 2 pm, you might also want to take in the opening of the Museum of Ice Cream in downtown LA.  Our tickets are free.  Theirs not so much.

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Malala Documentary plus New Dallas Event

Click here for my information about the new documentary He Named Me Malala. It opens in limited release October 9th.

Click here for my information about the new documentary He Named Me Malala. It opens in limited release October 9th.


The Tuesday podcast with Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan. This week on the show, we cover the new Malala documentary for Davis Guggenheim, He Named My Malala . A wonderful new film about the Nobel Laureate from Pakistan who advocates for global education for Girls, a cause that First Lady Michelle Obama also advocates.

For more information about He Named Me Malala or the Malala Foundationplease visit this website.  

For more information about Let Girls Learnplease visit this website. 

Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In foundation and McKinsey & Co issued a new report this week about getting women in the top jobs. There’s a little good news– but more not so good news. Lian and Julie discuss the findings. You can read the full report here. 

Plus, Julie gives the rundown on what to do in Brooklyn before and after our event at Powerhouse Arena. Bring you satellite Sisters for a fun Friday night in Brooklyn. Julie outlines parking, transportation and the following places to eat and drink before and after:


Youre-The-Best-OrangePlus, NEW DALLAS EVENT ANNOUNCED!! Julie, Lian and Next Gen Vera Smith will be at the Barnes & Noble Preston Royal. Yeah! We’ll be discussing You’re the Best: A Celebration of Friendship  on Thursday December 2 at Noon. We’d love to see the Dallas Satellite Sisterhood at this event. For the complete schedule of events, please visit our events page. 

To read more about You’re the Best: A Celebration of Friendship, please click here. 



Listen to more Satellite Sisters podcasts here: 

Sunday Podcast : New Events in Minnesota and the Pope in US

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Outlander Re-cap & Tuesday Trends

 Outlander returns and so does Sister Sassenach, our re-cap.

Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on the Tuesday Podcast with news, talk and laughs. This week, we cover Tuesday Trends, including: Tea for Men, Ham for Moms and Shrimp for None. Julie has the details on the hottest trends, including teahouses catering to men and what you should stay way from frozen shrimp.

Also on the podcast:

The shooting in Garland, Texas: Julie explains what she knows from her Texas POV and why this news story feels a little off.

The Accidental Death of David Goldberg, the husband of Sheryl Sandberg. According to news reports, Goldberg died after an accident on a treadmill. Our thoughts about the accident. Read about David Goldberg’s death here. 

Roommate of The Year Nominee: A little Windex with your soup? Read the story of the South Carolina college student caught on film trying to poison her roommates. 

Tuesday Trends: Tea for Men and Shrimp for None and Ham for Mothers’ Day

The Royal Baby: Julie objects to the name Charlotte but Lian explains what she loves the name. It’s her secret identity.

City of Gold Update: Jonathan Gold and the writhing, naked girl

Car-Buying Update. Lian buys a car, after a test drive. But wait tip you hear what the car salesman said!

Outlander Re-Cap: Scotland sure is cold and damp. Julie and Lian re-cap the episode “The Watch.” 

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Satellite Sisters March 8: Liz + Julie wonder why International Women’s Day is not so…International!

There's an important holiday we don't celebrate in the US. Can you guess what it is??


Julie and Liz connect on today’s Satellite Sisters to ask:


Why don’t we get to celebrate International Women’s Day? Julie has enjoyed this holiday in many of the countries where she has lived.  But hey, USA, what gives??

To make up for it, 0n Monday you can check out a great International Women’s Day webcast from the Women Athletes Business Network and Ernst + Young.  .Join Martina Navratilova, Summer Sanders and Donna De Varona LIVE at 11 am ET online :–EY-Women-Athletes-Business-Network-hosts-webcast


In other news, now that President Obama will be introducing COSMOS on Sunday night, will President Putin be tempted to do the same? Julie thinks he should.

How do people get on a plane with stolen passports in this day and age? Sadness and speculation about the lost Malaysian airliner.

Plus, Julie has one book she is absolutely not going to read and another one that she has changed her mind about.

One thing Julie and Liz both agree on that Bossy Girls Rule but calling them “bossy” might not be the best idea.  How about something like…say…LEADERS.

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Satellite Sisters 031713: Sheryl Sandberg; Grumpy Cat at SXSW; and a Bra that does WHAT?

Sun, 17 March 2013
Satellite Sisters 031713: Sheryl Sandberg, SXSW, The End of the Big East and a Bra that does What????

Julie , Monica and Lian connect on St. Patrick’s Day to discuss the news of the week:

The new Pope

Justin Timberlake

The End of the Big East

Julie and Lian in a Generational face-off on Sheryl Sandberg: Boomers vs. Xers


Monica’s Bundling Bungle

And a bra that does what?

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