North Korea Desk, Prince Charles & Prince Harry, Satellite Sisters Santa Monica Weekend

Prince Harry launches Heads together and talks about his own counseling and mental health issues

Prince Harry talks about seeking counseling for his own mental health issues as part of a campaign to end the stigma around mental illness called Heads Together. The sisters agree that Diana would be proud.

Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan on the podcast this week. We’re glad that our sister Julie Dolan went to North Korea five years ago because now she qualifies as a expert on the DPNK. Julie’s observations on the latest events in North Korea, the DMZ and Washington. Plus, the latest on Prince Charles and Prince Harry, more on the guy who really invented the internet, a recommendation of a great audiobook and details about our Satellite Sisters “You’re The Best” event this weekend in Santa Monica.

North Korea Desk: Julie reminds us that according to North Korea, the Korean War never ended and current actions by US just play right into the propaganda that the regime has been spouting for 50 years. Julie’s commentary will make you think.

We want to see your favorite personal photos of celebrations of friendship on our Facebook Group or to Instagram. Hashtag is #satsistersytb.  See your in Santa Monica or online.  You’re the best!

Satellite Sisters Santa Monica Weekend Q & A. Liz has been scouting the Santa Monica Public Library and has all her tips for a great day. Plus, information on how to watch the Facebook Live of the Ask Us Anything event. Plus, book sales and an AWAY luggage giveaway.

Prince Charles & Prince Harry. A Royal Report from a surprising source – Liz Dolan. Liz caught up with author/biographer Sally Bedell Smith whose new book is all about Prince Charles. Liz has bad news for Julie. Apparently, he’s not a terrible guy. Info about the author and book here. Then, the latest from Prince Harry about grief and recovery. Listen to the podcast where he discusses Heads Together and his own counseling after 20 years of grief.

The guy that invented the Internet died. And his name was Bob Taylor, the lab boss of the Xerox PARC lab. Here’s his obit. And here’s an appreciation by LAT writer Michael Hiltzek.

A new study reports that female Supreme Court Justices are interrupted in court far more than their male counterparts.  Supreme Court Justices.  They are just like us!

Book Nook: Liz recommends Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders.  His bestselling novel is fantastic as an audible audiobook, with a cast that includes Nick Offerman, David Seders, Bill Hader, Don Cheadle, Susan Sarandon and many more. Well worth a listen.

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Satellite Sisters August 26: Nekkid Prince Harry and The Armstrongs: Neil vs. Lance

Thanks, Neil. Nice work.

Today’s Satellite Sisters features:

Julie on The Nekkid Prince.  Apparently Monica is the last person on the planet to check out the photos

Liz on The Armstrongs – Neil versus Lance. Hey, Lance.  You can’t cheat your way to the moon.

Monica on her vacation details- pros and cons of her two week strategy.


Some late summer beach bag book choices. Monica loved Gone Girl, Wild and Catherine The Great.

Three really nice indie movies you should support: Celeste and Jesse Forever, Ruby Sparks and Beast of the Southern Wild.

And our Roller Coast Report on caring for our father.

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Royal Wedding Notes


2:50 am  central time …My international business husband accidentally calls me from LONDON .  Too early to turn on the TV.

3:56 am Good golly this is early to be watching TV and drinking flavored coffee.   I’m watching ABC with Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters, Robin Roberts and Tina Brown.

3:58 am Just in time to see Princes William and Harry.  They look outstanding in their uniforms.  Wedding trend alert: I predict more uniforms for grooms. Tina Brown declares that William looks ‘kingly”.

Prince William has less hair than I thought.

4:17  am Okay this is great TV and I am so happy I am up watching this live.

Wedding trend alert: The trees in Westminster Abbey are gorgeous.  I predict more trees will be showing up in churches and other wedding venues.

Just spotted the Thai Princess coming down the aisle.

BW has got to stop talking about Kate being a commoner and the year of the commoner.

I am very pleased that Sarah Ferguson was not invited to the wedding. Satellite Sisters know that I had a moment of personal rudeness from Sarah F when we interviewed her about one of her children’s books.   Her daughter Princess Eugenia appears to be wearing a miniature Ferris wheel on her head.

I would not want to be sitting next to Princess Michael of Kent, one of the minor royals according to TB, her hat is gorgeous but at least 3 feet wide.  According to TB” the minor royals shine up nicely.”

Camilla has just entered Westminster.  What can I say?  No negative comments today…it’s William’s wedding.

Oh no, Tina Brown is insisting that Charles wants Camilla to be his queen when he is made king.

Did you see the lap blanket on the Queen as she arrived in her car?  The trumpets are awesome and the Queen is looking good.  Long live the Queen.  The thought of Camilla stepping into that role makes me shiver.

The dress is absolutely beautiful.  Wedding trend alert: Sleeves on wedding dresses and small bouquets.

My future daughter-in-law just checked in from NYC.

Sister Pippa is doing a bang-up job with the wedding dress train.

Thinking out loud…Can I get someone to make a copy of the flower girl’s dress for my granddaughter?  Will my almost two-year old grandson stand still long enough to get into one of those adorable page outfits?

5:05  am Prince William has even less hair now then when he entered the Abbey.

Thinking out loud…The Olympic committee should consider holding an event at Westminster.  It is magnificent.

5:08 am The Queen appears to be giving someone a stink eye during the singing of the hymn.

Just spotted a woman wearing a small surfboard on her head.

Liz just texted.  Way to go sister! It is very early on the west coast but I knew you wouldn’t want to miss this worldwide event.

The Archbishop is doing a bang-up job on the ceremony.  I am wondering what is going through Camilla’s head when the Bishop was talking about love, honor, and faithfulness.

The ring looks a little tight.  Tense moment.

5:29 am Is that Justin Beiber in the Westminster Boys Choir?

I don’t believe the rumor that Kate did her own make-up.

5:40 am I feel like I am watching a really, really good HBO movie.

Panic attack…ABC just lost the live feed for a second.  It’s back and there is Victoria Beckham jammed in the back row.

I hope there is a hat event at the Olympics.

Whoa…is that a stuffed pheasant on that woman’s head?

6:17 am The sun is out.  How about that?  Wedding trend alert: Horses and maybe other live animals in weddings.

BW is asking about when we can expect an heir.  Please Barbara, give it up, they have only been married for 11 minutes.

6:23 am TB declares that Kate looks “queenly”. Hooray.  You know I am in the ABC club ( Anyone But Camilla).

7:25 am The first kiss.  BW wants her co-anchors to rate the kiss.  No takers thank goodness.  I loved the second kiss.

Now I am going to watch the 40 minute replay and call a lot of friends.

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Julie: Notes from London

While 99% percent of my time in London was focused on Alice, I did scan the papers and the horizon for what is going on in London. Here are my notes:

1. If the US recession could be characterized as Charles Dicken’s novel, Oliver…”Please sir. can I have more? ” than the British recession is Dicken’s Bleak House. Things in London are very gloomy. As a world financial center, London has been hard hit by the economic downturn. Restaurants, pubs and shops seemed empty, signs for liquidation sales were everywhere and there was plenty of news about more firms going into “administration” the British term for bankruptcy.

2. Gosh, Prime Minister Gordon Brown is no Tony Blair. I know things are financial bleak but he is a real downer to listen to and watch.

3. People can’t blame Chelsy Davy for dumping Prince Harry. The Prince’s partying and lifestyle with other Army friends and barmaids was tough on everyone. I had to laugh when Clarence House , the official royal spokes-office declined to comment on the break-up. What if you had to put out an official statement every time your teenager or 20-something started dating or not dating someone?

4. Dear Kate Middleton, I know that Prince William is dreamy but please, please, consider carefully. Word is out that Kate is taking dear hunting lessons so that she can join Prince Will, her future mother-in-law and all those corgis trouping around in Scotland.

5. I am worried about the Olympics scheduled for Summer 2012. The booming, self confident London town that won the right to host the summer games is gone. Is London going to be able to pull itself together to build the venues and plan decent opening and closing ceremonies?

6. The two bright spots for Britain are Kate Winslet and the British-produced, Slumdog Millionaire. The question is can an actress and a movie save a country?

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