Liz’s Epic Grammy Report, Martha Stewart Super Grandma, Meditation Fail

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, we get Liz’s EPIC Grammy rundown and pre-show Prince prep, Julie’s competitive response to Martha Stewart Super Grandma moving in on her Urban Nana turf, Lian’s Valentines Day and Birthday plans plus what science says about great dancers.

Liz Dolan gets ready to go to the Grammys for the Prince tribute.

Purple headband? Yes. Purple scarf? Yes. Purple sunglasses? Yes. She went for it all.  Liz is ready for Prince tribute at the 2017 Grammys. Listen to complete details on this week’s podcast.

Getting Red Carpet ready is not easy, especially when Liz realized that the Grammys would include a major tribute to her main man Prince.  Have you ever walked into Nordstroms and said “Just show me everything you have in purple”?  Probably not, but Liz did.  Thanks to all the members of the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group who participated in the crowdsourcing of advice on her purple headband versus purple sunglasses.  As you can see from the final product, she decided to go with both. Add in her hairdresser Star and make-up man Alejandro and VOILA. Grammy magic?

Liz also gives us her list of the 3 moments that were better IN the theatre (Adele, Gaga, The Time + Bruno Mars do PRINCE) and the 3 that were better on TV (Bruno Mars first number, James Corden’s comedy, Beyonce’s celestial universal maternal goddess!).

Martha Stewart and her grandchildren on Satellite Sisters podcast and blog

Julie Dolan and Martha Stewart have always managed to peacefully co-exist but Julie warns today that this may change if Martha tries to compete on her Urban Nana turf.

Julie has a warning for Martha Stewart.  Stay off her Urban Nana turf even if you can throw the world’s best space-themed party for your 2 grandchildren!  Reluctantly, Julie admits that the March issue of Martha Stewart Living with a photo spread about the party may be the best issue ever. Julie also has other parenting questions about best sleepovers strategy for parents and teen sleep needs.

Lian has been looking into what makes a woman a great dancer.  As Shakira would say (and researchers now prove), the hips don’t lie. 

Liz’s Operation Sea Turtle update include actual news about turtles plus a question:  What’s the line between meditation and napping?  She seems to have crossed it.

Lian brings us an unexpected theory of the history of Valentine’s Day.  Move over, Romans.  Looks like Chaucer may deserve the credit.  Plus her Oscar viewing plans go slightly awry with her husbanding her friends are taking her to the Opera for her birthday this week.  That’s right.  Opera!

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Lian needs to know: Does anyone wear bathrobes any more?

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, Lian asks:  “Doesn’t anyone wear bathrobes anymore?” It’s all part of getting her son off to college. Liz and Julie help her tackle this plus Gretchen Carlson’s settlement with Fox News, Real Simple’s fall fashion trends and being stalked by a handbag.

#staynoisy, Gretchen Carlson. Thanks for speaking up for yourself and the rest of us. Special award also for best use of an iPhone.

#staynoisy, Gretchen Carlson. Thanks for speaking up for yourself and the rest of us. Special award also for best use of an iPhone.

Two awards for Gretchen Carlson on her $20 million settlement from Fox News.  Gretchen, you are our #staynoisy sister of the week.  Also, Best Use of An I-Phone for secretly taping the illegal and vile things Roger Ailes said to you.

How Not To Get A Meeting With the President of the United States:  Speaking of vile things, Julie has a review of the vile things so-called diplomats have said to each other lately. President Duterte of Philippines, welcome to the list.

Philae Lander, We Hardly Knew Ye:  Well, the finally found a photo of where that Philae lander ended up on the comment.  In a dark ditch after bouncing twice.  It makes us 🙁

Lian finally made it to see John Williams conduct the LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl. Lightsabers for all!

Lian finally made it to see John Williams conduct Star Wars with the LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl. Lightsabers for all!

Speaking of space, get out your lightsabers! Lian saw John Williams conduct the score from Stars Wars with the LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend. Loved it.

Next up for Lian Dolan this month is a college drop-off for her freshman son.  The shopping starts now. There’s the bathrobe debate happening, among other things. On the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group, listener Kathleen posted asking for advice for her son starting his senior year in high school.  Lian recommends the parenting website Grown and Flown and thanks all the members of the Satellite Sisterhood who posted their own suggestions.

Julie recommends Maria Shriver’s website for some empty nest insights as well as thoughts on Mother Theresa and unconditional love from the book A Gift of Love by Tony Cointreau.

From the Wall Street Journal, Liz brings us a sad story of older women getting exploited by scammers in online dating services.  Victims lost more than $120 million to “romance scams” in the first six months of 2016. What?  As if online dating wasn’t bad enough.

Lian Dolan buys Steve Madden bag after being stalked by it online

Lian was looking for this Steve Madden bag after seeing it in a magazine and then she realized it was stalking her online. We are still not sure what we think about the internet reading our minds this way, but thanks Zappos for satisfying Lian’s fall fashion needs.

Media Round-Up:  Julie saw “The Light between Two Oceans” which she describes as a slow satisfying cinematic sobfest. Lian recommends Delia Ephron’s book Siracusa and Mike Virbiglia’s movie Don’t Think Twice. She cannot, however, get on board with the much beloved Gilmore Girls.  We guess she’s just too late to that party.

Lian makes a shopping breakthrough.  She was stalked by a Steve Madden bag online and managed to actually buy it here! She’s also got the scoop on fall fashion trends from Real Simple Magazine, most of which the Satellite Sisters will not be wearing.

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Work/Life Balance Advice from Beth Thomas Cohen

You do you says Beth Thomas Cohen, author of Drop the Act, It's Exhausting

You do you says Beth Thomas Cohen, author of Drop the Act, It’s Exhausting


Is your so-called put-together life killing you? Fashion publicist, working mom and straight talker Beth Thomas Cohen has advice for women who want to drop the act and get real. Lian Dolan of the Satellite Sisters interviews Beth as part of our occasional interview series and there’s plenty of advice in the podcast to get you on the path to living an authentic life without any of the masks we wear. Beth Thomas Cohen has been in the fashion industry for sixteen years. As cofounder of the public relations agency B’ squared Public Relations, Beth launched new fashion brands and breathed life into older ones. She previously worked as senior director at Lividini & Co., in-house public relations director at the luxury/accessories company Lambertson Truex, and worked in the fashion department at O, The Oprah Magazine. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and children.

Click to find the book at Amazon

Click to find the book at Amazon

Drop the Act, It’s Exhausting! is one woman’s call to all women to embrace the imperfections in their lives and to air their “improper” thoughts about relationships, love, sex, parenting, careers, self-esteem, and self-image. By no longer being ashamed or apologetic about how they “really feel,” women will become more aware of who they are and more accepting of themselves and one another. With wit, candor, and refreshingly blunt observations, Beth Thomas Cohen proves herself the prime example of how freeing, fun, and unifying it can be to drop the act and live a not so put-together life.


Find the book here:

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SSJulie: Notes from Nanaland

Do parents need to know about gumballs?

What happens in Mimi’s house, stays in Mimi’s house…that”s what was on a woman’s t-shirt at the gym.  Like the famous slogan about Las Vegas, Mimi, who I am assuming is a grandmother, decided that there were just some things that parents didn’t need to know about.   Don’t you think grandparents and grandchildren can have their own relationship with their own set of rules? Or, do parents need to know everything that grandparents do with their children?

I was thinking about Mimi’s t-shirt this weekend because my husband and I took our two grandchildren, Alice and Benjamin out to dinner while their parents had a night out.  We went to our local Mexican restaurant with very fast service, a children’s menu, pinatas on the ceiling, and loads of other kids in high chairs and booster seats at 5:30 in the evening.  The restaurant also has a bank of gumball machines at the front door.  Alice has always wanted to try some candy from the machines but previously the parental answer was no.  But when Alice asked me if she could have some candy from the machine and I said sure.  After a successful dinner, Alice and Benjamin had some gum from the gumball machine.  Each child put the gum in their mouths for about thirty seconds and then spit it out.  No harm was done.

On the way home,  poor little Alice  was racked with guilt or something.   She knew her mother had never allowed her to have candy from those machines.  So Alice said to us that she thought “we shouldn’t tell Mama about the candy.” I wasn’t planning on hiding the gumball incident from my son and daughter-in-law but Alice was so worried about it that  my husband and I agreed that it would be our little secret.   What do you think?  Do the parents need to know about the gumballs? Is this a slippery slope…gumballs today…something more dangerous tomorrow? Or can it be like Mimi…what happens with Nana stays with Nana?

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Lian: Paninis over Pasadena

Lian here. And if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to, I can tell you this: making paninis.

Julie and her husband Trem gave our family a panini maker at Thanksgiving. They put in right in their wheelie carry-on and delivered it to our door last week. It was an unbelievable , prescient surprise. Just the day before, I had been shopping in Williams Sonoma with my mother and said the exact words, “The only thing I want for Christmas this year is this here panini maker. ” And Julie, being a very good gift-giver, had already bought me that very same panini maker in October. Here it is . You’ll want one, too!

Julie, a mother of two boys, told me knowingly, “You are entering the ‘hot sandwich phase’ of parenting.” Boy, was she right. My 13- year- old has eaten over a dozen paninis in a week and my 10- year- old is not far behind. It started the day after Thanksgiving when I made the Turkey/Cranberry/Stuffing panini just like Emeril on Good Morning America. Since then, the panini making has snowballed. These boys can not eat enough hot sandwiches and I can not buy enough bread, cheese and meat. Brookes ate 4 the other day! I made him one for breakfast, then made one to put in his lunch, one for before soccer and one after soccer. ( Just so I don’t get the childhood obesity e-mails, I should also tell you that in the 6 days, he’s played 5 soccer games, run four practices, and done a lot of yard work. Plus, he appears to be growing an inch a week. )

Here’s an incomplete list of my creations: Roast beef/Havarti/Horseradish Mustard/Rye Bread; Chicken/Feta/Spinach and Tomato; Cheddar/Tomato/Sourdough; Egg/Cheddar/English Muffin; and the most popular Minute Steak/Provolone/Ketchup! Yes, I can cook the minute steak right on the panini grill then make the sandwich. I love this thing!

Thank you, Julie and Trem. And, if you or a family member is also in the “hot sandwich phase” of parenting, put this fab panini maker on your list!

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Lian: Sports Parenting Advice at

Hello all, Lian here. In between wreath making, show producing, and website launching, I’ve become a “Parenting Expert”, thanks to! (Somebody better tell my kids! ) During the month of October, I am a guest editor at the website, offering advice on all kinds of topics from School Volunteering to Halloween Candy Distribution. As frequent listeners and SisterSpotters, you can see that I’ve stayed within my area of expertise!

Thanks to for giving me a chance to write. This week, I take on Sports Parenting, a topic that I know you have opinions on yourself. Read the article, make some comments ,and let me know what you’ve learned from years in the stands and on the sidelines. We’ll be talking about your comments on next Monday’s Satellite Sisters.

Hey, and while you at, check out that yummy chicken on the homepage!
Thanks! Lian

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