St. Paddy’s Day Special

This is green. Should we consume it today? Julie has ideas for reviving the true meaning of St. Paddy's Day

This is green. Should we consume it today? Julie has ideas for reviving the true meaning of St. Paddy’s Day

Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on the mid-week Satellite Sisters podcast. It’s a St. Paddy’s Day Special in honor of our family’s heritage. No green beer and bow ties, but Julie comes with lots of ideas for saving St. Patrick’s Day from Debauchery and making it a great holiday again.  We don’t get what’s happened to the Wearing o’ the green but we know we can make it relevant again. Think dancing, planting and craft cocktails and tacos, people. Let’s Make St. Paddy’s Day mean something to Millennials. Plus, our own March Madness Cinderella pick: Holy Cross!


Also on the show:

The news from North Korea: A 21 Year old college senior gets 15 years of hard labor for criminal mischief. Read the details here. Julie breaks down this headline news.

Body Language Mistakes NOT to make: No Eye-rolling & Watch Checking, please

Don’t Tell me to Smile: Why Women DON’T want to hear it

House work = Work Out! Not really. the depressing numbers about mopping the floor

Dorms for Adults: you’ve graduated from college but you haven;t graduated from communal living

International Women of Courage Awards: Lian gets ready for her trip to DC. Find out more information here. 

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Sweet Dreams, mama Mia . Rest in Peace, my girl. We will miss you and your bark.

Sweet Dreams, mama Mia . Rest in Peace, my girl. We will miss you and your bark.

Lian, Julie, Liz and Sheila Dolan on the last Satellite Sisters Podcast of 2014:

A special Satellite Sisters Farewell

Plus: North Korea, Sony and What’s Next? Julie makes wild predictions!

Customer Service Communications: Stop the Taunting

Sheila’s Gift Card Living, Touring Texas Stadium, Urban Sweat Lodge and our Themes for 2015. Lian has a suggestion for Sheila.

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Julie in North Korea

In light of recent news, we thought we’d re-post the podcast about Julie’s visit to North Korea from September, 2010. Her description of life there is just as chilling today as it was 4 years ago. And a reminder of what Julie has been saying since then: there is nothing funny about North Korea…

You can listen here.

And here is Julie’s original blog post: 

Satellite Sisters go everywhere! Here I am outside the “deluxe” Koryo Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea. I snuck out the front door and flashed my official Satellite Sisters T-shirt.  I was advised that t-shirts with political statements are not allowed in North Korea. While Satellite Sisters stands for fun, friendship and family, I was afraid to wear my shirt. That’s how weird things are in NK. I thought my shirt might make trouble with one of our guides or minders.  So, one quick flash, picture snapped, and then I buttoned back up.

The Koryo Hotel with its two revolving restaurants was the second hotel our tour group stayed in.  Our group started out at the Yanggakdo Hotel ( only one revolving restaurant) but was suddenly moved to the Koryo in anticipation of the first meeting in 30 years of the country’s Workers’ Party.  We were bumped so that the  delegates could enjoy the many amenities of  Yanggakdo.   You can hear more of my description of this deluxe hotel on our podcast below…

T-shirts with political statements are not allowed in North Korea… I was afraid to wear my Satellite Sisters shirt. That’s how weird things are here.

Kim Jong Il, through his state news agency announced today that his third son and sister would become four-star generals, the highest rank in the Korean People’s Army. FYI- Kim Jong Il has not spoken publicly since 1994.  Many observers are viewing these promotions as a sign by Kim Jong Il to maintain family control over North Korea.  I had asked my guides last week about Kim Jong Il’s son and they had no information to share.  There was a lot of that.

I also read that the Party delegates were going to enjoy the spectacular Mass Games where 100,000 participants dance, do acrobatics, flash cards, twirl banners and  streamers and make seemingly thousands of costume changes to tell the story of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ( DPRK).  While watching this incredible display, I kept thinking of the London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee.  The London Olympics is going to have to work hard to beat the Beijing Opening Ceremonies and perhaps the DPRK could assist.

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Dec. 3, 2014: Holiday Trips to Dallas, Martha Stewart News, The Theory of Everything, Book Recs and The Busy Vortex,204,203,200_.jpg

Lian recommends The Glassblower by Petra Durst-Benning.

Lian and Julie on the new Satellite Sisters Podcast. Listen to the show here.

Holiday Visit in Dallas: Art Museums, Shopping, Arboreteum and Lunch at Neiman Marcus.

In the News: Martha Stewart opens a cafe

Sony Gets Hacked and Julie knows why

From Self Magazine: The Busy Vortex. Surprising generational statistics.

Movie news: The Theory of Everything and do you want your seats to shake?

Thanks to Audible for Supporting Satellite Sisters. To download a free audiobook, go to our special URL.


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New Satellite Sisters April 14. 2013: All FIVE Sisters Bring It Today

Yes, it’s true.  Julie, Liz, Sheila, Monica and Lian all have connectivity today.  At least for most of the show!

Listen here.  Subscribe at iTunes.  Join the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group.  And follow us @SatSisters.

Highlights include:

Lian’s update on her scary staph infection.  Sisters are gowned and gloved and ready to help.

How did Sheila and Monica recently find themselves lost in the Bronx? In the 70's? Where is Gene Hackman when you need him?


Monica and Sheila provide Finding Bruckner Blvd, Part Two.  Wait. What movie is this??

By popular demand on the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group, Julie provides an update on North Korea.  Here’s something worth remembering:  She’s been there recently, which is more than we can say for most “experts” on television.

And Liz stages our first ever LIVE Lottery Scratch-Off.  Thank you, longtime listener Kathleen.

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First Satellite Sisters Show of 2012: Julie, Liz and Sheila Kick It All Off!

Welcome to the first Satellite Sisters show of 2012!  Listen and enjoy here.

Julie’s visit to North Korean last year gives her a unique perspective on the death of Kim Jong Il.
Liz loves the all caucus/primary hoopla but is not sure we need QUITE this many Republican debates.
Two in the last 24 hours?  Really?

Yes, Sheila. Watch me on the Super Bowl. It would not be the same without you. Your friend, Mad Dog

Sheila sticks up for Madonna’s right to perform at the Super Bowl and is ready to believe whatever Beyonce says about her new baby.
Julie has her first Kindle moment and now she’s concerned she may never again see the inside of a bookstore.
And Sheila’s new 2012 experiment?  Bird-watching!  If only she could get the right footwear.

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