Memorial Day Special: Masters Swimming, Frozen Yogurt, Scooters

Satellite Sisters Vespa

Liz is thinking about trading in her car for a Vespa, but Sheila and Monica are skeptical about where she would put the earthquake supplies and piles of mail that currently clog up her trunk and back seat.

On today’s New To You Memorial Day Special from 2008, Liz Dolan, Sheila Dolan and Monica Dolan discuss Sheila’s Master’s swimming and whether Liz should buy a scooter. Where would she put her earthquake supplies if she did?

Plus the Lab Rats review frozen yogurt and we share two special letters from listeners serving in the military. Jeffrey is a Lt. the Medical Corps of the 101st Airborne in Iraq.  Erin’s husband is a Marine at the US Embassy in Beijing, China but was delivering earthquake relief supplies in Chengdu when we recorded this show.

The Lab Rats Sheila and Monica test frozen yogurt this week. It’s two paws up on the Pinkberry for Sheila, while Monica is concerned that the usual testing protocol has not been respected.




Lian’s German Shepherd Steffi is so honored to have inspired our new promo code from sponsor Bark Box. Go to







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Sisters Live in Santa Monica, Serena Williams, Sheryl Sandberg, Peggy Whitson

Satellite Sisters do a live performance in Santa Monica: Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan, Monica Dolan and Sheila Dolan.

L to R, that’s Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan Monica Dolan and Sheila Dolan on stage together for a Satellite Sisters Ask Us Anything Show in Santa Monica. Many thanks to all the Satellite Sisters and Misters who attended and who watched LIVE on our Satellite Sisters Facebook Page. You’re the Best!

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, some highlights and behind-the-scenes of our live event in Santa Monica, salutes to 3 women in the news and Liz reviews the new National Geographic series Genius about Albert Einstein. Plus Lian relives her glory years on college radio.

A good time was had by all at the Santa Monica Public Library and Ester’s Wine Bar on Saturday April 22.  For the complete Facebook Live video of the show starring all five Dolan sisters, be sure to LIKE our Facebook Page.  It is posted there.  Thanks to all the Satellite Sisters and Satellite Misters who lined up early and stayed late for the festivities. You’re The Best!  We were happy to sign every book and bag you had.

Julie has shout-outs for 3 impressive women:  tennis champion and expectant mother Serena Williams, Astronaut Peggy Whitson and Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and author of Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy. Solid Gold Satellite Sisters all.

Serena Williams shuts down Ilie Nastase.

As if we could love you more. Serena Williams, #staynoisy.

Liz wants us all to watch Genius on National Geographic Channel, a ten-part scripted series from Ron Howard about Albert Einstein starring Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Flynn as old Einstein and young Einstein.  She attended the premiere and loved the first “unexpectedly racy” episode – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll learn a thing or two about physics! Here’s the extended trailer of Genius.

Lian is reliving her glory days this weekend with a set on her old college radio station.  Liz is refocusing on Operation Sea Turtle in advance prep for her physical next week.

Satellite Sisters Live at the Santa Monica Public Library.

The Satellite Sisterhood waiting patiently in line at the Santa Monica Public Library. Thank you to Barbara Fleeman and the team there at SMPL for even making the waiting fun and easy.

We invite any Satellite Sisters who want to share their photos to post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #satsistersytb. And tag us @satsisters. Here’s a good one of the friendly faces waiting in line at the Santa Monica Public Library that we downloaded from the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group.

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International Women of Courage, Monica’s Cutting Edge Science, Spring Break Travel

Lian Dolan International Women of Courage Los Angeles 2017

That’s Lian Dolan in the red rose at the end of a very emotional evening to honor the International Women of Courage. #staynoisy sisters!

Today on the Satellite Sisters podcast, it’s Liz Dolan and Lian Dolan on the International Women of Courage Celebration in Los Angeles, a night honoring the US Department of State’s International Women of Courage. Lian produced the evening’s program, armed with a clipboard, upbeat pop music and goodwill. Liz attended the event and she declared the night filled with emotion and meaning.

Plus, Liz has the scoop on the cutting-edge science from our very own sister nurse Monica Dolan. Wondering what she’s been doing on the job? Here’s the story about her stem cell stroke treatment’s dramatic results. Plus, can you blow up a balloon with your nostrils and how old can chinese herbs be before you thrown them out?  Liz’s next door neighbor experiments.

Spring Break News: Lian is gearing up to ski without the kids for the first time in many years.

Operation Sea Turtle: The Timing is Everything Edition.  Liz confesses she has been hiding from her former trainer for four years.  Until now.

Satellite Sisters book "You're The Best: A Celebration of Friendship"

Our book “You’re the Best” is a great gift for any of your spring celebrations. Mother’s Day, showers, graduations. Available at plus bookstores everywhere. We look forward to seeing you at the Santa Monica Public Library on April 22 to sell and sign your copies.

Meanwhile, Liz is looking for potential callers for her new workplace advice podcast I Hate My Boss. Do you have a “You can’t make this up” story about the funniest/worst/wildest thing that ever happened to you on the job?  Call 424-224-5711 and tell us everything!  You may get on the show.

Satellite Sisters Ask Us Anything event at the Santa Monica Public Library April 22:  Be sure to LIKE our Facebook Page for all the details, tips, Facebook Live plans and how to send your questions in advance.

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Satellite Sisters Sheila and Monica Prep For The Spirit Awards

On this New To You show from 2007, Sheila and Monica prep for their Spirit Award coverage on the blue carpet. Their #1 goal: get up close and personal with Ryan Gosling, nominated that year for Half Nelson.

Satellite Sisters JV in the house on this classic New To You podcast from February 22, 2007! Sheila, Lian and Monica discuss OscarsSpirit Awards and more. At the very end of the show,  Monica plays a special edition of Satellite Sisters Oscar “Believe It Or Not”, so stay tuned all the way through to see who wins.  It starts at 1 hour 40 minutes in.  You know it’s a show from 2007 when the opening convo is about American Idol and Monica talks about taking a nap so she can stay up for LOST!

Sheila is trying to get organized financially.  Her credit card got shut off. Can she live on GAP and Starbucks cards alone? Lian has some Hot Property premium real estate in the $18 – $30 million dollar range to discuss because David Beckham and Posh are looking for a new home in LA.
Sheila and Monica prepare to cover the Spirit Awards on the blue carpet.  They love the independent spirit! Sheila was way ahead of her time in her love of Ryan Gosling.
It’s Awards Season so Lian reads some of the great listener letters we have gotten from you for awards you think you are a shoo-in for!  Congratulations!
Monica has some new product reviews to share, plus a plea for one simple thing in grocery stores:  customer service! What happened to all the people in the deli department? Hellooooooo?
Kentucky Fried Chicken fish sandwich?? Maybe.
Cars that come with safety kits?  Yes, please.
Lavender scented tires? Not so much.
At 1 hour and 13 minutes in, we interview Laura Sessions Stepp about high school and college girls. She wrote a book called Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love and Lose At Both.  There’s frank discussion of hooking up and oral sex so be aware if you are listening with your kids.
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Edna Dolan’s 9 Rules of Thanksgiving

Remember that you can never have too many turkeys.

Remember that you can never have too many turkeys.

Want expert advice on how to host Thanksgiving? Follow our mother, Edna Dolan’s nine rules of Thanksgiving. These are solid gold tips that will take your gathering to the next level.  Our mother was a master Thanksgiving planner who did most of her best work on the back of an envelope with a crayon. We routinely had 35 adults and children for the turkey and ALL of the trimmings. Our holiday dinner was more a a pageant than a meal complete with singing and dancing acts, costumes, very weak audio visual presentations, and specific roles for all participants.  I hope you can adopt some of our mother’s rules for your own holiday festivities.

  1. It is never too early to set the table or peel the potatoes. The Sunday before Thanksgiving is a fine time to get the table done.  It may mean that you have to eat some of your pre-Thanksgiving meals standing up but who cares?  And according to our mother, peeled potatoes can sit in a pot of cold water for hours.
  2. Everybody needs an apron. An apron should be part of the holiday attire for men, women, and children.  Everyone in aprons makes for a cute picture and and cover up any inappropriately dressed relative.
  3. You can’t have too many pilgrims or turkeys. This is Thanksgiving for goodness sake! Don’t let shopping or Santa crowd out the day.  Savor all the goodness and gratitude that comes from gathering with friends and family.
  4. Keep the appetizers light.  Our mother wanted us starving when we sat down to eat.  Think celery, carrots and olives.
  5. Many hands make light work. And, good planning makes good fun.  Okay, Thanksgiving is a lot of work with lots and lots of dishes.  You need to enlist everyone in getting the job done.
  6. Food has to be hot.  No matter how good your recipe for butternut squash is, if the dish isn’t served steaming hot, you’ve got problems.  Getting everything on the table at the right temperature requires timing and coordination.  See rule #5.
  7. Rest the bird.  Okay, you did it.  You roasted the turkey to a perfect golden brown.  Our mother would advise you to patiently rest the bird for 20-30 minutes before carving.
  8. Take a walk.  This rule had very little to do with health or digestion.  I think my mother just wanted all Thanksgiving commotion out of the house for a moment.
  9. No matter how unnecessary, chocolate turkeys make the day. We certainly didn’t need giant chocolate turkeys after all the food, pies, nuts and fruit but they were fun and memorable.  Our mother loved Sees chocolate.  Of course, our mother had many, many more rules regarding Thanksgiving but this should give you a good start to a wonderful holiday.
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Sheila on the Cozy Couch: Breathe, Reach, Snack.

Sheila in on the Cozy Couch this week sharing some of her favorite articles for Woman's World.  What could be better than gastric bypass?  Sheila says Eat This and Feel Happy!

Sheila in on the Cozy Couch this week sharing some of her favorite articles for Woman’s World. What could be better than gastric bypass? Sheila says Eat This and Feel Happy!

On today’s Satellite Sisters, Lian, Sheila, Monica and Julie get together for an end of summer recap, including details on Sheila’s Summer of Love. This is a New To You show from September 10, 2008.  Sheila tells us about her date with Brad Garrett (see audition tape here) and her story at The Moth.  Plus, this episode ends with a very special Cozy Couch.  Sheila has a story from Woman’s World called Eat This + Feel Happy.  Plus Smart New Ways To Use Baby Oil! Can’t beat that, can you?

In between, Monica has a awesome Believe It Or Not game for the sisters, Lian is happy Beverly Hills 90210 is back plus has a news story from GMA about  Munchausen-At-Work Syndrome. She suggests that you just imagine Steve Carrell in The Office to get the picture. Julie also has a point of view on something called The Amethyst Initiative, a move by college presidents to lower the drinking age on campus.

For the complete Satellite Sisters audio archive, go to  Also subscribe to Satellite Sisters at iTunes or Stitcher and leave us a review when you can. Thanks, sisters!

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