Liz’s Epic Grammy Report, Martha Stewart Super Grandma, Meditation Fail

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, we get Liz’s EPIC Grammy rundown and pre-show Prince prep, Julie’s competitive response to Martha Stewart Super Grandma moving in on her Urban Nana turf, Lian’s Valentines Day and Birthday plans plus what science says about great dancers.

Liz Dolan gets ready to go to the Grammys for the Prince tribute.

Purple headband? Yes. Purple scarf? Yes. Purple sunglasses? Yes. She went for it all.  Liz is ready for Prince tribute at the 2017 Grammys. Listen to complete details on this week’s podcast.

Getting Red Carpet ready is not easy, especially when Liz realized that the Grammys would include a major tribute to her main man Prince.  Have you ever walked into Nordstroms and said “Just show me everything you have in purple”?  Probably not, but Liz did.  Thanks to all the members of the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group who participated in the crowdsourcing of advice on her purple headband versus purple sunglasses.  As you can see from the final product, she decided to go with both. Add in her hairdresser Star and make-up man Alejandro and VOILA. Grammy magic?

Liz also gives us her list of the 3 moments that were better IN the theatre (Adele, Gaga, The Time + Bruno Mars do PRINCE) and the 3 that were better on TV (Bruno Mars first number, James Corden’s comedy, Beyonce’s celestial universal maternal goddess!).

Martha Stewart and her grandchildren on Satellite Sisters podcast and blog

Julie Dolan and Martha Stewart have always managed to peacefully co-exist but Julie warns today that this may change if Martha tries to compete on her Urban Nana turf.

Julie has a warning for Martha Stewart.  Stay off her Urban Nana turf even if you can throw the world’s best space-themed party for your 2 grandchildren!  Reluctantly, Julie admits that the March issue of Martha Stewart Living with a photo spread about the party may be the best issue ever. Julie also has other parenting questions about best sleepovers strategy for parents and teen sleep needs.

Lian has been looking into what makes a woman a great dancer.  As Shakira would say (and researchers now prove), the hips don’t lie. 

Liz’s Operation Sea Turtle update include actual news about turtles plus a question:  What’s the line between meditation and napping?  She seems to have crossed it.

Lian brings us an unexpected theory of the history of Valentine’s Day.  Move over, Romans.  Looks like Chaucer may deserve the credit.  Plus her Oscar viewing plans go slightly awry with her husbanding her friends are taking her to the Opera for her birthday this week.  That’s right.  Opera!

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For Kelly Ripa & #LivingtheMarthaLife

Living the Ripa Life! This one's for you, Kelly. Stay Noisy.

Living the Ripa Life! This one’s for you, Kelly. Stay Noisy.


Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan stand with Kelly Ripa on the Tuesday Show. We’re going deep on shallow topics like daytime TV drama and Kelly deserved better. So a special Satellite Sisters dedication to you, Kelly Ripa.  You’re the best. You are the glue that holds that show and maybe even that network together. You’re funny, smart and make oodles of money for the company. Nobody puts Kelly in corner.  Or the Caribbean. This podcast’s for you, Kelly! Plus, we’re loving’ Martha Stewart’s new hashtag-  #LivingtheMarthaLife . Oh yeah, that’s the Satellite Sisters, just wearing ponchos and riding private planes and Living the Martha Life! Oh, wait. Apparently, Martha does want us to re-live her actual life. Instead, Martha wants us to age gracefully with gardening and meditation. And she wants us to make sure we give her full credit when we craft, socialize and detox with her hashtag. It is both brilliants and boastful and that’s what we love about MStew. Read Martha Stewart’s 11 Tips for Aging Gracefully  and the go crazy with the hashtag #livingthemarthalife .


Julie is steamed up about Tom Brady

And concerned about Johnny Football

The New York Times profiled the royal party planner and the article is filled with pomp, circumstance and good old fashioned snobbery. Long live the Queen– and her party planner. To read the New York Times article here.  By Courtney Rubin

Cousin Hannah Kirshner has three 15-minute meals that you can make any night of the weeks. If you have eggs. Or Chickens.

Julie has Recommendations for books, TV and Movies. Including A Low Country Wedding by Mary Alice Monroe.

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Our mottos for 2016 + Downton Abbey

Cast of Downton Abbey from NYT

Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan are back with the first podcast of 2016.  News, talk, laughs and TV Re-caps. It’s bittersweet to re-cap the last season of Downton Abbey on our segment Downton Gabbey, but as Lord Granthem says on this week’s episode, “We’re off. ” All the fun, the fashion, the best lines and Carson’s sex life on this week’s re-cap. (TMI much, Carson?) While we agree that many residents of our favorite corner of England are a little grumpy this week, we have high hopes for Season 6, including rehab for Lady Cora and a break out year for Edith and Mary. Bring back Tom! Please.


7 Holiday Adventures for Julie, including movies, book and TV recommendations. On her list: Narcos and The Making of a Murderer on Netflix; The Big Short on the big screen and the book about Machu Picchu , The Gold Eaters by Ronald Wright. (Available at Audible.)

Lian announces her Theme for 2016 and Julie jumps on the bandwagon. Plus, we offer up the inspiring themes that the Satellite Sisterhood offered up at our Facebook page.

Julie is headed to The Pulpwood Queens Author Event in Nagadoches, Texas. For more information about they crazy Girlfriend’s Weekend that includes Julie, authors galore and Fairy costumes. For ticket information, click here. 


Affluenza Mom

News from New York:

Raccoons invade Brooklyn

Martha Stewart invades the Four Seasons.  click here to see the entire NYT Slide show of PowerLunchers at the Four Seasons. 


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Special thanks to Audible for supporting this podcast. Use our special URL for a free 30 day trial : . We recommend a social history title that will appeal to all Downton Abbey fans– To Marry An English Lord- by Carol Wallace and Gail MacColl.

To Marry An English Lord From the Gilded Age until 1914, more than 100 American heiresses invaded Britannia and swapped dollars for titles – just like Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham, the first of the Downton Abbey characters Julian Fellowes was inspired to create after reading To Marry An English Lord. Filled with vivid personalities, gossipy anecdotes, grand houses, and a wealth of period details-plus quotes and the finer points of Victorian and Edwardian etiquette – To Marry An English Lord is social history at its liveliest and most accessible.



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New Satellite Sisters Book! New Satellite Sisters Website!

New Satellite Sisters book coming in 2015 . #YTB

The new Satellite Sisters book “You’re the Best: A Celebration of Friendship” is a thank you note to your own Satellite Sisters. It’s coming in September 2015 from Prospect Park Books. #YTB

March 22, 2015: Big news on today’s Satellite Sisters podcast!   We have a brand new book coming out in mid-September from Prospect Park Books entitled “You’re the Best: A Celebration of Friendship”.  Also fresh today is a brand new website at For all the info on “You’re the Best”, go to the new book page on the website.    From there you can pre-order from

Also on today’s Satellite Sisters, Julie has some words for Mark Zuckerberg and some thoughts about Martha Stewart.  Sheila has an update on her Santa Ana Syndrome and some sticky situations in her shower at the Rose Bowl.  Monica rejoins the Costco life.  Maybe you’ll be surprised about what purchases she made.  Liz wants to know what women you would nominate to be on the $20 bill.  Here’s the list of official nominees plus please post your own nominees in the comments section on our new website.

Listen to today’s Satellite Sisters here and check out the brand new LISTEN section of our site.

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New Satellite Sisters April 14. 2013: All FIVE Sisters Bring It Today

Yes, it’s true.  Julie, Liz, Sheila, Monica and Lian all have connectivity today.  At least for most of the show!

Listen here.  Subscribe at iTunes.  Join the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group.  And follow us @SatSisters.

Highlights include:

Lian’s update on her scary staph infection.  Sisters are gowned and gloved and ready to help.

How did Sheila and Monica recently find themselves lost in the Bronx? In the 70's? Where is Gene Hackman when you need him?


Monica and Sheila provide Finding Bruckner Blvd, Part Two.  Wait. What movie is this??

By popular demand on the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group, Julie provides an update on North Korea.  Here’s something worth remembering:  She’s been there recently, which is more than we can say for most “experts” on television.

And Liz stages our first ever LIVE Lottery Scratch-Off.  Thank you, longtime listener Kathleen.

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SSLiz: Write Your Own Caption Contest!

I saw this in the news today and my brain almost exploded!

Here’s your chance, SisterSpotters. Our first ever Caption This Photo Contest.

What do you think Martha and Sarah had to say to each other at the Time 100 party in NYC last night?

Winner gets a Satellite Sisters t-shirt and some excellent coasters! I know I still have a few of those left and it seemed in the party theme.

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