Lian’s Dance Performance, Julie’s Pick + Pans, Liz’s EGOT

Performance! If Lian Dolan can do Bruno Mars’ 24 Karat Magic and Isaac Mizrahi can launch a cabaret show, you can get out of your comfort zone, too, sister.

On today’s podcast, we hear all about Lian’s performance with her Girl Gang of Bruno Mars’ 24 Karat Magic.  Get out of your comfort zone, sisters! Julie has pop culture Picks + Pans and yet more news about from Russia about poisonings. Remember Rasputin?  Liz updates us on Operation Sea Turtle plus she’s close to accomplishing a major goal.

Lian thinks Isaac Mizrahi is a role model for us all.  Did you know he has a new cabaret show at the Cafe Carlyle in NYC? Julie’s his fan on QVC.

Over the course of her career, Liz has been lucky enough to be a guest at the Emmys, the Oscars and the Tonys.  The only event left to complete a full spectator EGOT is the Grammys, coming up this weekend in LA.  Guess who scored an invite??

Our in-house Kremlinologist Julie Dolan wants us to know that yet another foe of Vladimir Putin has been poisoned.  She’s been talking about this on Satellite Sisters since 2006.  It’s the Russian go-to move for silencing political enemies since the days of Rasputin.

Valerie Bertinelli Food Network Kiids Baking Championship

We love that judge Valerie Bertinelli on Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship doesn’t make any of the kids cry, even though their results are often heinous.

Liz suggests Lian should join another Girl Gang, this one devoted to trusty mopeds.  Here’s the fun story from the Wall Street Journal about Moped Army.  Also, do you want to remember your dreams more?  According to Harvard Medical School, here’s how.  Drink up.

Plus, Julie’s pans (Groundhog Day, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition) and picks (Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, HGTV Dream Home ).  Lian’s TV recommendations (NatGeo’s Gender Revolution, Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship)

Are you a podcaster or podcast fan? Lian will be in Orlando this month for Podfest/Podfusion. She’s even get a prize!

Come join all five Satellite Sisters on April 22nd at the Santa Monica Public Library at 2 pm.  No-host Meet-Up to follow. Are you coming?  Let us know on this Facebook invite.

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Nora Ephron, You’re The Best.

We can’t think of a better way to start a new year than with our Solid Gold Satellite Sister Nora Ephron. We spoke to Nora upon publication of her book, “I Feel Bad About My Neck”. Funny, warm and wise, Nora Ephron makes us laugh and cry when talking about aging, friendship and death. We miss you, Nora. You’re the best.

Nora Ephron and her sister/longtime collaborator Delia Ephron, a Solid Gold Satellite Sister pair.

The late Nora Ephron and her sister/longtime collaborator Delia Ephron, a Solid Gold Satellite Sister pair.

Ephron is best known for her romantic comedies and was nominated three times for the Academy Award for Best Writing: for SilkwoodWhen Harry Met Sally…, and Sleepless in Seattle. She won a BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay for When Harry Met Sally…. She sometimes wrote with her sister Delia Ephron.

[2] Her last film was Julie & Julia.[2]She also co-authored the Drama Desk Award–winning theatrical production Love, Loss, and What I Wore.[2][3] In 2013, Ephron received a posthumous Tony Award nomination for Best Play for her play Lucky Guy.
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Tina Brown, You’re The Best!

Solid Gold Satellite Sister Tina Brown now runs Women In The World conferences as part of Tina Brown Live Media.

Solid Gold Satellite Sister Tina Brown now runs Women In The World conferences as part of Tina Brown Live Media.

Tina Brown, you’re the best!  It’s a Satellite Sisters Win-Win.  Journalist and master communicator Tina Brown talks to the Satellite Sisters about her biography of Princess Diana called The Diana Chronicles.  Was she “the people’s princess,” who electrified the world with her beauty and humanitarian missions? Or was she a manipulative, media-savvy neurotic who nearly brought down the monarchy? Only Tina Brown, former editor-in-chief of Tatler, England’s glossiest gossip magazine; Vanity Fair; and The New Yorker could possibly give us the truth.

Tina Brown speaks to us about her book The Diana Chronicles and what it says about the British class system.

Tina Brown speaks to us about her book The Diana Chronicles and what it says about the British class system.

Tina Brown now runs Tina Brown Live Media, a company dedicated to summits, salons, flash forums and debates. In addition to producing the annual summit at Lincoln Center in New York, Tina Brown Live Media is currently expanding the Women in the World brand with smaller salon-style events around the U.S. and globally.

Launched by Tina Brown in 2010, the summit convenes extraordinary leaders such as Meryl Streep, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie and Christine Lagarde as well as inspirational activists and political change-makers from all over the world. They come to share their stories, and offer solutions to building a better life for women and girls.

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Pie-Free Living, Holiday Deals, Air Marshals

Liz thought her holiday amaryllis would look like this. Instead, she got a box of dirt and bulbs. Not hopeful they'll be blooming by Christmas.

Liz thought her holiday amaryllis would look like this. Instead, she received a box of dirt and bulbs. We are not hopeful they’ll be blooming by Christmas. Or ever.

Julie announces that this is her first day of pie-free living in quite a while. Julie & Liz award Satellite Sister of the Week to longtime listener and facebook friend Leslie Maxfield for sharing her excitement about the launch of Mars-bound Curiosity with us.  Leslie was at the Kennedy Space Center for the big event. In other news, Julie bonds with an air marshal, Liz has an issue with Harry & David, and the Satellite Sisters export both Diane Keaton’s haircut and Chico’s to Kyrgyzstan. Plus, we remember our mother Edna Dolan’s strategy of resting non-working appliances.

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Edna Dolan’s 9 Rules of Thanksgiving

Remember that you can never have too many turkeys.

Remember that you can never have too many turkeys.

Want expert advice on how to host Thanksgiving? Follow our mother, Edna Dolan’s nine rules of Thanksgiving. These are solid gold tips that will take your gathering to the next level.  Our mother was a master Thanksgiving planner who did most of her best work on the back of an envelope with a crayon. We routinely had 35 adults and children for the turkey and ALL of the trimmings. Our holiday dinner was more a a pageant than a meal complete with singing and dancing acts, costumes, very weak audio visual presentations, and specific roles for all participants.  I hope you can adopt some of our mother’s rules for your own holiday festivities.

  1. It is never too early to set the table or peel the potatoes. The Sunday before Thanksgiving is a fine time to get the table done.  It may mean that you have to eat some of your pre-Thanksgiving meals standing up but who cares?  And according to our mother, peeled potatoes can sit in a pot of cold water for hours.
  2. Everybody needs an apron. An apron should be part of the holiday attire for men, women, and children.  Everyone in aprons makes for a cute picture and and cover up any inappropriately dressed relative.
  3. You can’t have too many pilgrims or turkeys. This is Thanksgiving for goodness sake! Don’t let shopping or Santa crowd out the day.  Savor all the goodness and gratitude that comes from gathering with friends and family.
  4. Keep the appetizers light.  Our mother wanted us starving when we sat down to eat.  Think celery, carrots and olives.
  5. Many hands make light work. And, good planning makes good fun.  Okay, Thanksgiving is a lot of work with lots and lots of dishes.  You need to enlist everyone in getting the job done.
  6. Food has to be hot.  No matter how good your recipe for butternut squash is, if the dish isn’t served steaming hot, you’ve got problems.  Getting everything on the table at the right temperature requires timing and coordination.  See rule #5.
  7. Rest the bird.  Okay, you did it.  You roasted the turkey to a perfect golden brown.  Our mother would advise you to patiently rest the bird for 20-30 minutes before carving.
  8. Take a walk.  This rule had very little to do with health or digestion.  I think my mother just wanted all Thanksgiving commotion out of the house for a moment.
  9. No matter how unnecessary, chocolate turkeys make the day. We certainly didn’t need giant chocolate turkeys after all the food, pies, nuts and fruit but they were fun and memorable.  Our mother loved Sees chocolate.  Of course, our mother had many, many more rules regarding Thanksgiving but this should give you a good start to a wonderful holiday.
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I Surrender to Halloween


Snoopy’s Halloween run is coming to an end.

This is Julie and I think Halloween should be a child-centered, family-friendly event, filled with happy costumes and mildly-spooky decorations devoid of  grotesque and/or adult-themed images. I don’t like scary clowns, macabre scenes, or haunted houses. I told my position to my hairdresser, Cam, and he said, ” Well, I guess you’re just not into Halloween”.

For years on Satellite Sisters, I complained about the adultification of Halloween.  I warned that it was wrong for adults to takeover a children’s holiday. I called for adults to focus on the grownup holidays like New Year’s Eve and leave Halloween as a night of fun for kids.  I opposed adults in costumes unless accompanied by a child, costumes in the workplace and sexy adult costumes.  I sensed that there would be unintended negative consequences of co-opting a children’s holiday. I ranted and nobody listened.

My hairdresser said it all. I realize now that Halloween has passed me by. I surrender. Halloween is all grown up and it is never going back to the holiday of my childhood.  No amount of complaining on my part is going to bring back Snoopy.   People want parties, parades, and pumpkin kegs.  They want less candy for kids and more cocktails. I don’t agree with the new Halloween but I accept that I cannot change it.  I plan to just stop complaining.  I know now that nobody listening because they’re too busy shopping for a Sexy Darth Vader costume.  I plan to suffer silently… so just go ahead and have yourselves a very, happy Halloween.

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