College Reunions, 13 Reasons Why, Princess Charlotte, Janet Yellen

Julie warns us not to even think about trying to buy that adorable sweater that Princess Charlotte is wearing in her birthday photo by her mom. If it was still available, Urban Nana would have snapped it up herself by now.

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast we cover Lian’s college reunion, Liz’s annual physical and Julie’s news on 3 international figures: Kim Jong Un, Princess Charlotte and Brigitte Trogneux Macron, likely next First Lady of France.  Plus Operation Sea Turtle, some tech challenges and a movie review/recommendation.

Lian went to her college reunion and took a shift at her old radio station for old time’s sake.  Reunion was awesome.  Radio not so much.  But she remains undaunted and may give it another go. Liz is headed to her college for a women’s leadership conference but become alarmed when she saw these two words on the agenda:  flash mob.  Her policy is that if keynote speaker Janet Yellen dances,  so will she.

We think Janet Yellen looks just as skeptical about participating in the flash mob at this weekend’s women’s leadership conference as Liz feels. Will the Fed Chair get her Beyonce on?

Julie is following the latest on President Trump’s openness to meet with “smart cookie” Kim Jong Un.  She speculates on the perfect place for such a meeting. Meanwhile, Princess Charlotte has turned two and we love her mom’s photo of her. She may only be fourth in line to the throne but that’s the world’s cutest sweater. And did you hear the details of how Brigitte Trogneux met her husband Emmanuel Macron? Unusual.

Lian shares some information about Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and some advice on how to talk to your teens and preteens about suicide and this show.  Julie recommends the movie Their Finest as smart, funny, sad and sentimental.  And Lian will be moderating a great Pasadena Magazine Women in Business panel with some very accomplished women in media.  Hear all about it on the podcast and buy tickets here

On Operation Sea Turtle, Liz’s heath and fitness plan, she provides the Moment of Truth episode.  Two moments: 1) her annual physical and weigh-in and 2) an observed moment of sisterhood in her water aerobics class.

Here’s a terrible cycling hospitality idea that none of the Dolan sisters would ever sign up for, but if this is your tribe, knock yourselves out.

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Urban Nana in Brooklyn, DNA Report, Grocery Trends

Dennis Rodman at West Point

North Korea and Malaysia are in the diplomatic tit-for-tat and guess who steps up at West Point to address the issues?  Dennis Rodman. He offers to broker a meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. We cannot make this up, people.

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, Urban Nana is in Brooklyn but Julie’s still got the international news from North Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines,  Lian has grocery trends and Worst Pitch of the Day plus Liz wants her DNA to work a little harder for Operation Sea Turtle.

Julie reviews the latest diplomatic tit-for-tat between North Korea and Malaysia over the assassination of Kim Jong Un’s half brother.  Good news for North Koreans who are now not allowed to leave Malaysia. Bad news for the Malaysian delegation in North Korea.  No exit for you. Luckily, we read that Dennis Rodman is stepping in to broker a meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. Let us know as soon as they start selling tickets to that one. Julie also warns the team at our favorite CBS TV drama that the Philippine government is protesting an upcoming episode.  Fact or fiction?  We really can’t tell anymore. Be sure to listen to Satellite Sisters Talk TV recap of Madam Secretary for more discussion of Tess’ Philippine situation.

Satellite Sisters recommend the Fondoodler, a hot glue gun for cheese.

A hot glue gun for cheese? What took so long! The Fondoodler was one of many products that Liz found in the Satellite Sisters email box and cannot wait to try.

Lian says Jeff Bezos is working on amazon deliveries on the moon but Liz is still not that interested in going. Lian has the Worst Pitch of the Week.  Kegels and kids do not mix.  Sorry, Kegel Bear.  Liz gets her latest DNA report from 23andme and is disappointed that their wellness tips are pretty much Self Magazine circa 1988. Lian’s grocery store trends and food trends include the prediction that “grocerants”, part restaurant/part grocery store are the coming thing.  OK, by why not call them “resteries”, a much better fake word. And Liz reads the spam that came into sisters@satellitesisters mailbox.  Highlights include:

Cat Language Bible:

Things to Know Before Cruising Naked:


Satellite sisters love Away luggage.

Lian loves her Away Carry-on. Go to our custom url to take advantage of our special deal.

More contributions from Steffi on today’s podcast. Welcome to sponsor BarkBox!  Steffi was super enthusiastic about her box. Here’s a video of the BarkBox unboxing.

On today’s show, Lian tells travel tales with her new AWAY luggage.  It makes her feel hip and bond with other hipsters! For our special deal, go here:

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