Liz’s Epic Grammy Report, Martha Stewart Super Grandma, Meditation Fail

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, we get Liz’s EPIC Grammy rundown and pre-show Prince prep, Julie’s competitive response to Martha Stewart Super Grandma moving in on her Urban Nana turf, Lian’s Valentines Day and Birthday plans plus what science says about great dancers.

Liz Dolan gets ready to go to the Grammys for the Prince tribute.

Purple headband? Yes. Purple scarf? Yes. Purple sunglasses? Yes. She went for it all.  Liz is ready for Prince tribute at the 2017 Grammys. Listen to complete details on this week’s podcast.

Getting Red Carpet ready is not easy, especially when Liz realized that the Grammys would include a major tribute to her main man Prince.  Have you ever walked into Nordstroms and said “Just show me everything you have in purple”?  Probably not, but Liz did.  Thanks to all the members of the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group who participated in the crowdsourcing of advice on her purple headband versus purple sunglasses.  As you can see from the final product, she decided to go with both. Add in her hairdresser Star and make-up man Alejandro and VOILA. Grammy magic?

Liz also gives us her list of the 3 moments that were better IN the theatre (Adele, Gaga, The Time + Bruno Mars do PRINCE) and the 3 that were better on TV (Bruno Mars first number, James Corden’s comedy, Beyonce’s celestial universal maternal goddess!).

Martha Stewart and her grandchildren on Satellite Sisters podcast and blog

Julie Dolan and Martha Stewart have always managed to peacefully co-exist but Julie warns today that this may change if Martha tries to compete on her Urban Nana turf.

Julie has a warning for Martha Stewart.  Stay off her Urban Nana turf even if you can throw the world’s best space-themed party for your 2 grandchildren!  Reluctantly, Julie admits that the March issue of Martha Stewart Living with a photo spread about the party may be the best issue ever. Julie also has other parenting questions about best sleepovers strategy for parents and teen sleep needs.

Lian has been looking into what makes a woman a great dancer.  As Shakira would say (and researchers now prove), the hips don’t lie. 

Liz’s Operation Sea Turtle update include actual news about turtles plus a question:  What’s the line between meditation and napping?  She seems to have crossed it.

Lian brings us an unexpected theory of the history of Valentine’s Day.  Move over, Romans.  Looks like Chaucer may deserve the credit.  Plus her Oscar viewing plans go slightly awry with her husbanding her friends are taking her to the Opera for her birthday this week.  That’s right.  Opera!

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We Heart James Corden and The Late, Late Show

James Corden forms a band with Demi Lovato and Nick Joans. Just one of the many "entertaining and ambitious' segments that he produces every night for The Late, Late Show.

James Corden forms a band with Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas. Just one of the many “entertaining and ambitious” segments that he produces every night for The Late, Late Show.


Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters on the Tuesday Podcast cover TV, Books, Theater and More, including the inside scoop on James Corden and The Late Late Show. Lian went to a panel discussion with the late night star and Tony Award-winning actor and heard the inside scoop on Carpool Karaoke, Crosswalk Musicals, big production numbers and more. At a panel discussion with his Executive Producer Ben Winston, James reveals what the first Mariah Carey Carpool Karaoke was like and why every night they aim to create an entertaining and ambitious show. If you are wondering, James Corden is every bit as humble and charming in real life as he is in person.



Wedding Magic  Julie shares an inspiring wedding story.

Lian Goes big on Arts & Culture over that last 4 days:

We Heart James Corden Lian and Liz goe to a panel discussion with James Corden and his Executive Producers discussing the Late late show with James Corden. behind the scenes secrets and information plus his creative goals for the show.

Books, Books, Books — Lian speaks at the Literary Guild of Orange County and wraps her You’re the Best Tour with 8 great authors and 400 book-loving fans

Beyonce plays at the Rose Bowl. Lian listens as she heads to bed.

An Amazing Night at the Theater- Playwright Suzan-Lori Parks delivers with Father Comes Home from the Wars at the Center Theater Group.

TSA nightmare scenarios at airports nationwide and the #IHatetheWait social media campaign to put the pressure on the TSA to step up efforts before the summer travel season.

Russian Doping Scandal— State sponsored and still low budget

Tips from Health Magazine on re-gaining your concentration.

A new study on why dads stick around with Boys , but not so much with Girls

Satellite Sisters Confession: We have acted as our own publicist, too

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