Liz’s new podcast. Lian’s Got Talent? Julie’s got international news.

Liz has a new podcast launching next week called I Hate My Boss. She and her co-host will have some fun trying to help stamp out Bad Bossery and all the other drama that unfolds at the office. Call or write if you have your own dilemma. Workplace drama. Comedic relief.

Liz announces a new podcast she’s doing that launches next week.  It’s called I Hate My Boss.  Hear all about it! Then, Lian’s Got Talent? Oh, wait. No. Lian went to a TAPING of America’s Got Talent with a Satellite Sister from high school and a balloon unicorn. And Julie travels with world in her International News Round-Up: Russia, Malaysia, North Korea, Italy.  You are going to need an AWAY carry-on for this one!

On Monday April 3rd, Liz has a new podcast launching called I Hate My Boss.  Here’s a teaser. She’s co-hosting it with executive coach Larry Seal.  It’s a workplace advice show that combines comedy, drama and common sense.  Please go to iTunes and subscribe.  While you are at iTunes, why not leave a fresh review of Satellite Sisters?  Thanks.  If you want to participate in I Hate My Boss, call the hotline with your own workplace dilemma at 424-224-5711 or email the show at  This weekend, you will get the first episode of I Hate My Boss in your Satellite Sisters feed so you can give it a listen.  You can also reach the show on Facebook or Twitter @IHateMyBossShow.

America's Got Talent Judges

Now that Lian has seen her up close and personal at the taping of America’s Got Talent, she can confirm that Heidi Klum is as beautiful in person as she appears on TV. We are just sorry she has to snuggle up with Simon Cowell.

Also today, Lian tells us the tale of a reunion with a long lost high school friend who came into town to compete on America’s Got Talent.  She can’t share all the details because the show has not aired yet, but you are going to want to get the news on this balloon artist whose ballon unicorn went viral.

Julie has a complete International News Round-Up today. Get the latest stories from Russia, Malaysia, North Korea and Italy.  You should try Gnammo, the app to get a home-cooked meal in Italy before it’s too late. Do you want an AirBNB for food?

Oh, brother. The Prime Ministers of Britain and Scotland meet to talk about Brexit and this is the headline that results?

On another international note, we just have to ask: Is this really necessary?  Thank you to Satellite Sister Zelah Meyer who gave us a little historical perspective on the Daily Mail in the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group.

In the Customer Service Department, both Liz and Julie had a major fail.  Liz has a bone to pick with Target.  Were 16 separate packages REALLY necessary for her 16 cushions? And Julie wants Hertz to know that she’s safe but she’s not HAPPY.

On the issues of #Leggingsgate, all three sisters may disagree on the United airlines dress code but ultimately agree that EVERYONE should wear more clothes on planes.  How about that for a plan? What with your short shorts and flip flops, aren’t you all freezing?

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Urban Nana in Brooklyn, DNA Report, Grocery Trends

Dennis Rodman at West Point

North Korea and Malaysia are in the diplomatic tit-for-tat and guess who steps up at West Point to address the issues?  Dennis Rodman. He offers to broker a meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. We cannot make this up, people.

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, Urban Nana is in Brooklyn but Julie’s still got the international news from North Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines,  Lian has grocery trends and Worst Pitch of the Day plus Liz wants her DNA to work a little harder for Operation Sea Turtle.

Julie reviews the latest diplomatic tit-for-tat between North Korea and Malaysia over the assassination of Kim Jong Un’s half brother.  Good news for North Koreans who are now not allowed to leave Malaysia. Bad news for the Malaysian delegation in North Korea.  No exit for you. Luckily, we read that Dennis Rodman is stepping in to broker a meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. Let us know as soon as they start selling tickets to that one. Julie also warns the team at our favorite CBS TV drama that the Philippine government is protesting an upcoming episode.  Fact or fiction?  We really can’t tell anymore. Be sure to listen to Satellite Sisters Talk TV recap of Madam Secretary for more discussion of Tess’ Philippine situation.

Satellite Sisters recommend the Fondoodler, a hot glue gun for cheese.

A hot glue gun for cheese? What took so long! The Fondoodler was one of many products that Liz found in the Satellite Sisters email box and cannot wait to try.

Lian says Jeff Bezos is working on amazon deliveries on the moon but Liz is still not that interested in going. Lian has the Worst Pitch of the Week.  Kegels and kids do not mix.  Sorry, Kegel Bear.  Liz gets her latest DNA report from 23andme and is disappointed that their wellness tips are pretty much Self Magazine circa 1988. Lian’s grocery store trends and food trends include the prediction that “grocerants”, part restaurant/part grocery store are the coming thing.  OK, by why not call them “resteries”, a much better fake word. And Liz reads the spam that came into sisters@satellitesisters mailbox.  Highlights include:

Cat Language Bible:

Things to Know Before Cruising Naked:


Satellite sisters love Away luggage.

Lian loves her Away Carry-on. Go to our custom url to take advantage of our special deal.

More contributions from Steffi on today’s podcast. Welcome to sponsor BarkBox!  Steffi was super enthusiastic about her box. Here’s a video of the BarkBox unboxing.

On today’s show, Lian tells travel tales with her new AWAY luggage.  It makes her feel hip and bond with other hipsters! For our special deal, go here:

Come join all five Satellite Sisters on April 22nd at the Santa Monica Public Library at 2 pm.  No-host Meet-Up to follow. Are you coming?  Let us know on this Facebook invite. More details from our travel agent to come later this week.

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Satellite Sisters Julie, Lian and Liz On Vladimir Putin, Smuggled Tigers, Larry King Lives On, and Lian’s Tale Of When Bad Customer Service Happens To Good People

Three sisters, three times the fun.  Tune in to today’s Satellite Sisters show and you’ll get fresh talk on some of our favorite topics:

Julie Dolan may no longer live in Moscow, Russia but she still collects beefcake photos of Vladimir Putin for the International News Round-Up

Julie’s International News Round-Up (Vladimir Putin beefcake photos!) , Lian’s Campaign To Stamp Out Customer Service Injustice (To the barricades, sisters!)  and Liz’s ongoing connection to Larry King.  (Liz + Larry Forever.)

Want to hear Satellite Sisters shows from earlier this summer?  We got ’em right here and you can subscribe at iTunes.

Liz Dolan and Larry King may be locked in a battle of wills forever now that Ryan Seacrest is involved.

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The New Satellite Sister Intra-Sister Contest is ON!

And three out of five sisters don’t even know about it!!

That’s right, Julie and I are now Twittering! Yes, I took the leap first– last week, in fact. I have 20 followers now. And I made the pledge that I will follow you if you follow me. Yes, it is a huge time suck but I have enjoyed hearing up to the minute updates on Leslie’s chickens and Josh’s Idol thoughts and Anthony parenting concerns. You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on the Twitter icon at the Chaos Chronicle Blog.

Then I did some career counseling yesterday for my big sister Julie. I encouraged her to ramp up her fab blog Julie’s International News Round-Up, beef up her profile and bio on the blogsite and get on the Twitter because, guess what, Julie goes places and does stuff. ( Unlike me, sitting at home, um , Twittering). Julie might actually Twitter breaking news about Carla Bruni or Important International Happenings while I am mostly Tweeting about groceries. If you go to Julie Blog, you can click on the Twitter icon to follow her.

So how about a friendly competition? Let’s just count up our followers in about a week and see how we compare. How about that, Julie?

Sheila, Liz, Monica– we dare you.

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Julie: Early Bird Special

Got big plans for tonight? Love to hear from SisterSpotters who will be celebrating the new year. Not me. I am going to have a simple dinner with my husband and son and will likely be asleep well before 2009 arrives. So if you are organizing an “early bird special” tonight at your house, you might find these shots from Sydney, Australia useful. Our Australian mates really know how to throw a New Year’s Eve party. Don’t forget you can check out other international stories at Julie’s International News Roundup.
Have a good one tonight!

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Julie: Where in the World?

I knew I had hit some kind of new low when Sheila called me on Saturday night and I had to admit to her that I was into my second hour of Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of Orange County. Yes, that’s right, international Julie, home alone eating pizza and mesmerized by those “housewives”. I am not sure when my slump started perhaps it was our irregular work schedule, or maybe the bad cold I caught in LA over Thanksgiving, or post-holiday fatigue brought on by hosting two separate Christmas parties in a four day period or my annual binge into self-doubt and guilt associated with second-guessing my holiday gift choices, who knows , but I was down enough to get into those girls from Orange County. Fortunately, Sheila’s kind and supportive words snapped me back to reality.
So I am happy to announce a new blog…Julie’s International News Round Up I plan to post regularly about some of the irregular things going on in the world. Today’s post is some frightening pirate news–no…not another pirate attack . But how about U.S plans to attack pirate bases in Somalia!!!Please read about it on my blog and let me know what you think and I promise not to watch any more episodes of the Housewives.

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