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Dennis Rodman at West Point

North Korea and Malaysia are in the diplomatic tit-for-tat and guess who steps up at West Point to address the issues?  Dennis Rodman. He offers to broker a meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. We cannot make this up, people.

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, Urban Nana is in Brooklyn but Julie’s still got the international news from North Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines,  Lian has grocery trends and Worst Pitch of the Day plus Liz wants her DNA to work a little harder for Operation Sea Turtle.

Julie reviews the latest diplomatic tit-for-tat between North Korea and Malaysia over the assassination of Kim Jong Un’s half brother.  Good news for North Koreans who are now not allowed to leave Malaysia. Bad news for the Malaysian delegation in North Korea.  No exit for you. Luckily, we read that Dennis Rodman is stepping in to broker a meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. Let us know as soon as they start selling tickets to that one. Julie also warns the team at our favorite CBS TV drama that the Philippine government is protesting an upcoming episode.  Fact or fiction?  We really can’t tell anymore. Be sure to listen to Satellite Sisters Talk TV recap of Madam Secretary for more discussion of Tess’ Philippine situation.

Satellite Sisters recommend the Fondoodler, a hot glue gun for cheese.

A hot glue gun for cheese? What took so long! The Fondoodler was one of many products that Liz found in the Satellite Sisters email box and cannot wait to try.

Lian says Jeff Bezos is working on amazon deliveries on the moon but Liz is still not that interested in going. Lian has the Worst Pitch of the Week.  Kegels and kids do not mix.  Sorry, Kegel Bear.  Liz gets her latest DNA report from 23andme and is disappointed that their wellness tips are pretty much Self Magazine circa 1988. Lian’s grocery store trends and food trends include the prediction that “grocerants”, part restaurant/part grocery store are the coming thing.  OK, by why not call them “resteries”, a much better fake word. And Liz reads the spam that came into sisters@satellitesisters mailbox.  Highlights include:

Cat Language Bible: http://www.catlanguagebible.com/index.html

Things to Know Before Cruising Naked: http://tampabay.actonsoftware.com/acton/rif/9662/s-1a70-1703/-/l-0065:d7b/l-0065/showPreparedMessage?sid=TV2:nOfgNStpR

Fondoodler: https://fondoodler.com

Satellite sisters love Away luggage.

Lian loves her Away Carry-on. Go to our custom url www.awaytravel.com/sisters to take advantage of our special deal.

More contributions from Steffi on today’s podcast. Welcome to sponsor BarkBox!  Steffi was super enthusiastic about her box. Here’s a video of the BarkBox unboxing.

On today’s show, Lian tells travel tales with her new AWAY luggage.  It makes her feel hip and bond with other hipsters! For our special deal, go here: www.awaytravel.com/sisters.

Come join all five Satellite Sisters on April 22nd at the Santa Monica Public Library at 2 pm.  No-host Meet-Up to follow. Are you coming?  Let us know on this Facebook invite. More details from our travel agent to come later this week.

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Madam Secretary Recap 309: Black Undergarments Confirmed

Satellite Sisters Talk TV
The Satellite Sisters Talk TV! This week’s episode of the CBS drama Madam Secretary was ripped from the headlines: Nuclear Weapons in Iran! Russian interference!  Fake News! White Privilege getting into Harvard! But all we could really focus on was: CONFIRMATION OF BLACK UNDERGARMENTS!!!! That’s right, all season long, Julie has been speculating about the color of Madam Secretary’s undergarments and this week, we got proof positive that Bess wears black underneath all those white silk blouses. Julie vows that if Madam Secretary can defy convention, so can she. Lian just wants to know where those disk earrings came from. But first, the storylines from this week’s episode of Madam Secretary called Snap Back:
At the White House: Iran deal falls apart and unless Bess can put  it back together.
At The Racketball Court: That’s right, real men do play racketball. At least they do on TV. Henry shows off his racketball skills while trying to persuade and old friend to vote for Dalton
At the McCord house: Stevie wants to go to Harvard Law School and she’s pulling strings to get a letter of recommendation from Chief of staff Russell.  And Russell is jusy DYING to give it to her.
To listen to this week’s Satellite Sisters Podcast with Julie’s thoughts on the real headline news this week about Russian interference, click here. 
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TV Re-Cap: Panda Diplomacy & Muffin Shaming

This Panda looks the way we felt when President Dalton was blabbing on and on in his blue blazer. Let's get back to the action and Panda Diplomacy.

This panda looks the way we felt when President Dalton was blabbing on and on in his blue blazer. Let’s get back to the action and Panda Diplomacy.

Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the latest episode of the CBS drama Madam Secretary. Season 3, Episode 3: South China Sea. Lian suggests some alternate titles to this episode that involved activist captured by China and stalkers stalked by Henry: Battle of the Lapel Pins; The President Leaves the Oval Office; Catfishin’; Panda Diplomacy; China Blinks;  What the heck is going on with our fridge?  The sisters don’t love this episode, but we always love Bess’ can do, take charge attitude no matter what blouse she’s wearing. Was there too much Panda Talk on the show this week? You be the judge. We say yes, but maybe the Panda Cam is news to you. Also, the Black Ribbon must go. And we all wish we had a Blake around to Muffin Shame.


To listen this week’s Poldark Re-Cap, click here. 

To listen to this week’s regular Satellite Sisters show, click here. 

To listen to the Madam Secretary Re-cap, press the arrow below.

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