North Korea Desk, Prince Charles & Prince Harry, Satellite Sisters Santa Monica Weekend

Prince Harry launches Heads together and talks about his own counseling and mental health issues

Prince Harry talks about seeking counseling for his own mental health issues as part of a campaign to end the stigma around mental illness called Heads Together. The sisters agree that Diana would be proud.

Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan on the podcast this week. We’re glad that our sister Julie Dolan went to North Korea five years ago because now she qualifies as a expert on the DPNK. Julie’s observations on the latest events in North Korea, the DMZ and Washington. Plus, the latest on Prince Charles and Prince Harry, more on the guy who really invented the internet, a recommendation of a great audiobook and details about our Satellite Sisters “You’re The Best” event this weekend in Santa Monica.

North Korea Desk: Julie reminds us that according to North Korea, the Korean War never ended and current actions by US just play right into the propaganda that the regime has been spouting for 50 years. Julie’s commentary will make you think.

We want to see your favorite personal photos of celebrations of friendship on our Facebook Group or to Instagram. Hashtag is #satsistersytb.  See your in Santa Monica or online.  You’re the best!

Satellite Sisters Santa Monica Weekend Q & A. Liz has been scouting the Santa Monica Public Library and has all her tips for a great day. Plus, information on how to watch the Facebook Live of the Ask Us Anything event. Plus, book sales and an AWAY luggage giveaway.

Prince Charles & Prince Harry. A Royal Report from a surprising source – Liz Dolan. Liz caught up with author/biographer Sally Bedell Smith whose new book is all about Prince Charles. Liz has bad news for Julie. Apparently, he’s not a terrible guy. Info about the author and book here. Then, the latest from Prince Harry about grief and recovery. Listen to the podcast where he discusses Heads Together and his own counseling after 20 years of grief.

The guy that invented the Internet died. And his name was Bob Taylor, the lab boss of the Xerox PARC lab. Here’s his obit. And here’s an appreciation by LAT writer Michael Hiltzek.

A new study reports that female Supreme Court Justices are interrupted in court far more than their male counterparts.  Supreme Court Justices.  They are just like us!

Book Nook: Liz recommends Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders.  His bestselling novel is fantastic as an audible audiobook, with a cast that includes Nick Offerman, David Seders, Bill Hader, Don Cheadle, Susan Sarandon and many more. Well worth a listen.

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Holiday Gift Giving & Book Tour News


Don't let the holiday crazies get the best of you. Buy a few copies of You're the Best, enjoy some holiday rituals and catch up on your Madam Secretary episodes!

Don’t let the holiday crazies get the best of you. Buy a few copies of You’re the Best, enjoy some holiday rituals and catch up on your Madam Secretary episodes!

Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on the Tuesday show. We’re back from Thanksgiving Break and we’ll be talking about Thanksgiving and our book tour stops in Portland and Dallas. many thanks to the Satellite Sisterhood for tremendous support of You’re the Best: A Celebration of Friendship.



Holiday Gift Giving: The Science of the Perfect Gift

Cyber Monday: The retail winners ( Gap!) and the retail losers (julie!)

Holiday Stress: How to beat the blues from Real Simple Magazine. Find more stress-busters from Real Simple here. 

Movie reviews: Creed

Madam Secretary: Re-cap of Season 2, episodes 8 & 9

Thanks to our sponsors:

Make everyday a Holiday with a shaving kit from Harry's . Use promo code "sisters' for $5 off ! Gifts starts as low as $15.

Make everyday a Holiday with a shaving kit from Harry’s . Use promo code “sisters’ for $5 off ! Gifts starts as low as $15.


We welcome Harry’s to Satellite Sisters! Find great holiday gifts for the men in your life at, purveyors of high quality, reasonably priced shaving kits. Use our special promo code for $5 off your first purchase. Promo code: sisters  







Find over 180,000 audio titles at Audible. Holiday road trips are made for Audible! Liz loved Witches by Stacy Shiff and Assasination Vacation by Sarah Vowell. Use our special URL and try Audible for free for 30 days. Click here:



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SS100714: Flat Staney Fail; George Clooney Wedding; Picks and Pans; Nobel Prizes and The Perfume Collector

Lian and Julie connect for the Tuesday show:


Listen here:

Nana nearly kills Flat Stanley

Click here for more information on the book Julie picks!

Lian on being brave and opening yourself up to critiques. Lessons learned thanks to Annablle Gurwitch

From the news: Ebole Update, Nobel Prize, and making Decisions to make you happy

Picks n’ Pans: A book, A movie and cat food.

Julie picks The Zhivago Affair: The Kremlin, The CIA and the Battle fro the Forbidden Book by Peter Finn and Petra Couvee. More about the book here:

Updates on Toast and Breast Pumps

Lessons from the People Magazien Covergae of George Clooney’s Wedding

Satellite Sisters Twin City Meet-up!


Want to try an audiobook? Check out the special offer from Audible at  Lian’s Recommendation today is The Perfume Collector, an exotic tale of mystery, perfume and identity.  Told from two Points of view, set in Paris and New York and filled with delicious scents and secrets. Loved it! 

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Satellite Sisters 091414: Smart Phone Epiphany; Exploding Shoes & World Travels; and One Direction Rose Bowl Siege


The Sunday Satellite Sisters podcast is back!

Monica, Liz and Lian connect and discuss: 

This never happened. Ferris does not wear hats.


This happened. Hear how Liz's Shoes Exploded.

Monica’s Smart Phone Epiphany

Liz’s World Travels from Guatamala to Australia to Turkey

Lian survives the One Direction Rose Bowl Siege

Plus, Recline rage, Endless Pasta, Neil Young Bombshell & Exploding Shoes

 Listen to the show here:



Click here to download your free audiobook today

Want to a great audiobook? Liz recommends The Things They Carry by Tim O’Brien, read by Bryan Cranston . Find it at Audible and download for free:


To listen to the Tuesday Show, with Julie and Lian discussing Outlander, click here. 



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Satellite Sisters WordWrite Festival: Advice Goddess Amy Alkon on Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say @#$%

Amy Alkon dishes ( and dashes) in the New York Times. Click here to read the article.

Lian Dolan interviews Advice Goddess Amy Alkon about her new book :


Good Manners for Nice People who Sometimes Say %#@*  


Listen to the podcast here

Fun and Funny writer Amy Alkon offers her etiquette options for all kinds of situations, from First Dates to People Who Take Too Many Free Samples. But Amy is not the fussy manners mistress but she believes in empathy-driven manners. Why can’t we all get along? Amy applies social scientist to good manners for surprising conclusions.

Check out Amy Alkon in the New York Times 

To read more from Amy Alkon, Advice Goddess


Listen to all the podcasts that are part of the Satellite Sisters WordWrite Festival: 

Amy Alkon, the advice Goddess, talk about her Modern Manners. Listen here. 

Annabelle Gurwitch, author and actress, on aging gracefully. And not.  Listen here. 


Thanks to Audible for supporting the Satellite Sisters WordWrite Festival.

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