Stay Noisy Parkland Mom, Millennial Money Advice, Liz’s Dog Rebranding

Once again we are talking about a school shooting. Once again there are no words. On today’s podcast we share two letters from Parkland, Florida. Once from longtime Satellite Sister Heather Curcio Hutchison and another from her daughter Emaleigh, a graduate of Douglas. Stay noisy, sisters.

Parkland Mom Heather Curcio Hutchison is a longtime Satellite Sister and mother of Emaleigh Hutchison, a graduate of Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, site of last week’s horrific school shooting.  We open today’s show with words that both Heather and Emaleigh want to pass along to the whole Satellite Sisterhood about the spirit in their community and what you can do to help them heal.  To write a letter that will be given to one of the 3000 Douglas students when they return to school, send a pdf to Heather at  These letters are being collected Tuesday and Wednesday to be ready for next week.  Please also go to our Satellite Sisters Facebook Group to keep up with Heather’s posts to find out about rallies, demonstrations and legislation you can support to prevent gun violence in our school.  Link here to join our Satellite Sisters Group: And link here to follow Heather Curcio Hutchison on Facebook.

Thanks to Shannah Compton Game, host of the podcast Millennial Money, for joining us on today’s podcast to talk about steps towards financial independence that millennials (and their parents!) can take.

Also on today’s show, we interview Shannah Compton Game, an award-winning financial strategist, Certified Financial Planner and host of the podcast Millennial Money.  Lian has some questions about how to help her millennials gain financial independence.

Plus, Liz has a new dog. And she rebranded him slightly.  No longer Hoover.  Say hello to Hooper!

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