SS072115: Poldark Re-Cap & #satsisterssummerfun

Well done, AlohoforSeniors! THIS is #satsisterssummerfun

Well done, AlohoforSeniors!
THIS is #satsisterssummerfun

Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan connect on the Satellite Sisters podcasts for summer fun! Instragram contest, Facebook Follow-ups, Book and TV recommendations, Guest Towel etiquette, Tech gloating, Katy Perry and the Nuns, plus one great spy novel and one great TV show. Plus, the college admissions agony begins. Finally, Pol, Dark & Handsome, our re-cap of Episodes 5 of PBS Masterpiece series Poldark


#satsisterssummerfun on Instagram! Get on it, people. You and your Satellite Sisters celebrating summer fun for a great sexy prize of Sol de Janeiro Foot Fetish Cream. Are you having fun this summer? Let us know and post it on Instagram.

College Admissions begins  Round Two for Lian with son #2 starting the college application process. Lian is monitoting her nagging before it gets too much for all concerned.

Smart Vacation Tips from Julie  The keye is anticipation and unplugging.

Tech Stories: Glaoting over Ashley Madison breach

Real Simple Etiquette  Have you stood in a guest bathroom and wondered. “What the heck am I supposed to dry my hands on?”

Facebook Follow-Up: 

Katy Perry vs. Nuns

Satellite Sisters No Poo Movement continues

the VW Commercial with the wild boys

Recommendations for Books and TV:

Palace of Treason

Julie loved Palace of Treason by Jason Matthew. She calls this “the best spy novel she’s ever read. ” A great female character, good action, romance and some legit spy craft.


A few Days left to Watch & Rate The Kicks. A charming, family friendly show with a strong female characters, smart writing and parents that aren't idiots! Watch & Vote for more episodes.

A few Days left to Watch & Rate The Kicks. A charming, family friendly show with a strong female characters, smart writing and parents that aren’t idiots! Watch & Vote for more episodes.

Lian wants the Satellite Sisterhood to get behind The Kicks, a new show for tweens about a middle school soccer team. Watch and Review this week to see more epsiodes of the show. Better than Summer Reading! Required Summer Watching for your middle schoolers. Spread the word Satellite Sisterhood.

Here’s how to watch, rate & review The Kicks:

1. Watch the show

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*If you live in the UK, use this link to watch:

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Please know that Amazon pays attention to where in the show people stop viewing — so please be sure to watch the entire episode. But why would you stop? The show is awesome and Alex Morgan has a cameo towards the end!

2. After watching, Rate & Review the show on The Kicks Amazon page. This is like reviewing any other product on Amazon. Just scroll down the page to the “Customer Reviews” section, and click on the button “Write A Customer Review” to let everyone know what you thought of the pilot.

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Satellite Sisters Instagram Contest

Pol, Dark & Handsome Episode 4 re-cap