Women’s Wellness and Thriving Through Transitions Like Menopause and Aging

Dr, Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz will lead the workshop Thanks to our partners at MEA, the midlife wisdom school, for sponsoring this episode about women’s health, thriving though transitions like menopause and the new MEA workshop in Santa Fe. Our guests are Dr. Suzanne Gilbert-Lenz, a leading authority in women’s health and hormones, and Christine Sperber, the co-Founder of MEA whose work focuses on navigating transition. Today’s show focuses on Menopause, but the workshop in Santa Fe extends to all who want to thrive at any age.

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Join LIAN DOLAN at the MEA workshop A Lifetime of Women’s Wellness: Thriving Through Transition. Lian will be a student there, just like you. Bring your Satellite Sisters for a special added value gift at the workshop. Plus, plenty of FaceTime. Dates: June 24, 2024 to June, 29 in at the MEA ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico.




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