Special Podcast: Lian Dolan’s Colon Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, and Follow-Up Four Years Later

My Satellite Sister Karah and me in late February 2020, three months after surgery and a few weeks before the country shut down for Covid. But we had one great reunion a book party! Thank you, Karah!

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month! For today’s episode, we revisit Lian’s story of being diagnosed with colon cancer after a routine colonoscopy and how that early screening may have prevented a much more serious outcome.

It’s also the story of how being pestered by her friend Karah to get that screening may have saved her life. Satellite Sisters and Misters, this is what we do for each other. You have our permission to pester!

We also bring listeners up to date as of today in terms of Lian’s health. Four years after diagnosis and treatment, Lian talks about what it means to be a survivor and the lessons she learned about cancer as a patient that could be helpful to anyone going through cancer themselves. Or caregivers.

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Here are the new guidelines for scheduling your colonoscopy


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For support for patients and families, here are some resources.

American Cancer Society 

Colon Cancer Coalition 

Colorectal Cancer Alliance




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