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Where’s my cake? Hygge is the way to go to get through the winter months.


It’s HYGGE time! Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on this week’s Satellite Sisters podcast. Liz is off in Mexico and we couldn’t get her Skype connection to work, so it’s the Tuesday Show Team back in action. This week, us, we jump on the HYGGE Bandwagon.  It’s cold and stormy outside but it’s warm and cozy inside– if you live in Denmark. Yes, the Danish Art of Living Life in a State of Cozy is exactly what we need to get us through the winter months. And it’s all the rage, says people in the know. We thought our sister Sheila invented cozy clothes and scented candles but apparently, the Danes have been doing it for years. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a social movement and now, it’s a product line. What’s involved in HYGGE? Lian’s wants in on the candles, the blankies, the hot beverages and the cake. Think warmth, connection, ease and glog. You can check out the HYGGE -ness here from the New York Times or here from The New Yorker (because it’s very New York and not very hygge to do a think piece on cozy.)  Say it with us: Hoo-Gah.

Oy, the Build Up! Cleaning out a college kid’s condo.

Nature Pod:

The Goliath of Gators. The Godzilla of Gators. Check him out here. 

The Eurasian Pig Invasion

Ridding New Zealand of Rats

Plus, Business License Mix-Up

The Women’s March in Washington DC March

and the Satellite Sisterhood steps up at Pulpwood Queens


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