Classic: Roughing It by Sheila Dolan

My packing list for two days in the wilderness with my fifth grade class:

1. 1 Cuddle-Ewe (for the rest of your life)
2. 1 Instant Soft Sheet (a human encasement like a Slankie)
3. 1 Sanitized Anti-Allergen/Anti-Dust Mite Travel Pillow
4. Instant Toilet Seat covers
5. Wet-Ones
6. Chemical Free 60 SPF Sunscreen
7. Bug Spray with chemicals
8. Bars: Luna, Kashi and Nutri-grain
9. Oregon Chai Singles
10. Two tee-shirts, one long sleeved shirt and two pairs of jeans, jean jacket, cozy pants, sweatshirts and scarves
11. Long socks to protect me from Lyme disease
12. Cell phone, plugs, earpiece
13. Us Magazine
14. Gum
15. My pink hat
16. All the courage and fortitude I can muster (themes we have been discussing in literature).
I can do this, right?!

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