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Satellite Sisters pick inaugural SAUCE OF THE SUMMER 2020!

We are picking our inaugural SAUCE OF THE SUMMER. Did you follow along with Cooking With Liz in our Facebook Group? It/s never too late to start.

It’s been quite the summer.  You know things are off-kilter when Liz is doing her own cooking videos!  We are wrapping up Cooking With Liz Summer 2020 with a finale this weekend LIVE in the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group. Liz, Julie and Lian will all discuss their summer favorites and where Liz’s most important LEARNINGS were.  Knife skills?  Seasoning?  Painstaking mise-en-place? Just plain paying attention?  Tune in at noon Sunday August 30 at noon Pacific Time.

Gold Creek Salmon BBQ Sauce Season 14 .My brother Dick and SIL Susan make this all the time. Susan used to work at Gold Creek BBQ in Juneau. It’s a totally magic sauce that makes even non-fishlovers love it. But you also need great fresh fish.

The Satellite Sisters send our best wishes for peace, health and maybe some new home cooking skills to all of our sisters and misters.

Mama Capra’s Marinara Sauce from Season 10:  OG Satellite Mister Marc Capra came on Cooking With Liz to share his mama’s marinara sauce.  It’s the BEST.   Is it the special tomatoes?  The vodka?  The red pepper flakes?  We don’t know and we don’t care. Thank you, Mama.

Torie Borrelli’s Cilantro Yoghurt Dressing for Roast Broccoli and Cauliflower.This Season 5 Recipe from Rancho La Puerta is so delish you could put the sauce on ANYTHING!

Dill Sauce for Lian Dolan’s Favorite Roast Salmon:  Remember?  This is the sauce I almost forgot??  Thank goodness I remembered at the last minute!  SO tasty.