Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan do a Satellite Sisters recap of Madam Secretary

Lian and Julie recap the Labor of Love episode of the CBS drama Madam Secretary.

Satellite Sisters Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan discuss the latest episode of Madam Secretary: Love, Heartbreak, Peace & Poison! What an episode! It’s called Labor of Love and it had it all.  This show looked like it was going to be a schmoopy episode about young love, new love and love lost—until EVERYONE DIED!!!!


 Love is in the Air—until it’s totally not!

The Romeo and Juliet of Colombia show up in America to sign a peace treaty and a trade deal. Unfortunately, they don’t really love each other.

Soledad—the first person to ever actually be inspired by one of President Dalton’s speech- goes runaway bride and hides out at STEVIE’s apartment.

Meanwhile, are the future of acai and quinoa are in the balance? What are we going to eat in California if this trade deal doesn’t go through?

Jay’s storyline. Have you heard the one about the three wonks that go running in puffer jackets?

Finds out his wife is actually having an emotional affair with his best friend—thanks to Blake’s Dateline techniques.

Daisy’s Storyline: I think we can all agree that Daisy should stop dating guys from work.

First—no kissing in the office.

Henry McCord on CBD drama Madam Secretary. Recap by the Satellite Sisters.

Henry McCord is off on a storyline we don’t really care much about this week, but we do care a lot about you, Henry. Are you sure theologians are cut out for undercover work?

In the meantime:

Duck Dynasty goes to the Devil—ugh. We had sort of forgotten about Henry’s latest undercover mission—infiltrating an extreme Christian group with a former military guy.

We will never look at neck tattoos the same.

We  think Henry should never do this job again. I gotta say, he’s not very good at it!

And then at the end—everything GOES NUTS!!!!




Binders Full of Blouses: Our favorite wardrobe items from this episode. 

Bess totally on point with another good black tie dress with sparkle neckline.

Henry’s Tux

Nadine’s white silk blouse of many buttons and bell sleeves