Satellite Sisters test dry shampoos

Lab Rats Monica and Sheila may have single-handedly sparked the no-poo movement in 2008 with their groundbreaking investigation of dry shampoos. Kudos to Lian for the live in-studio testing!

Welcome to Satellite Sisters Roulette.  At the Satellite Sisters Meet-Up in Washington DC on Friday, the lovely Next Gen Satellite Sisters who organized it introduced me this concept.  The idea is this:  Sometimes when there’s is not a new show but you need your Satellite Sisters fix, you just go into our archive and pick a show at random.  More often than not, hilarity ensues. Click here to listen to today’s podcast from our archive.

So that’s what I did today, purposely going DEEP in the vault.  Here is a show from April 2, 2008.  Lian, Monica and Sheila cover everything from the leeches Demi Moore is using to preserve her youth to the Lab Rats testing of dry shampoo.  Looking back from 2016 to this discussion from 2008, it seems like Monica and Sheila were in the vanguard of the No Poo movement.  Lab Rat Monica even gives classic product Psssst a “two paws up” rating.  It’s a good thing she found out in “the Walgreen’s Museum”.

Now, of course, its available at amazon.

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