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FAVORITE: The Slobbery Tennis Ball, Wormholes vs Manholes

The Tale of the Slobbery Tennis Ball starring Zorro

Julie’s lab Zorro loved his tennis ball until a very strange thing happened.

FAVORITES: We’ve never solved this 2008 mystery of Julie, the stranger and Zorro’s slobbery tennis ball. Lian, Monica and Sheila can’t believe Julie was so trusting with an odd request. What started as a “sticky situation” became a potentially dark tale. Julie recommends a new play based on Little House on the Prairie that’s on stage in Minnesota. Lian has some new TV habits. Her household has become a Nick At Night household. Science with Sheila! Sheila has a list of the 10 things not to worry about on vacation from science writer John Tierney of The New York Times. Killer hot dogs, shark attacks, unmarked wormholes.

Plus big entertainment news from Sheila: She’s been cast in a reality show. She’s Dating Brad Garrett?




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