Satellite Sisters Community, Leadership in a Crisis, Nana Academy Report, “Cooking With Liz” Reviews

Are you watching “Cooking With Liz” in our Satellite Sisters Facebook Group or on Instagram? Her new assignment for Season 3 comes from Claire Tansey’s Uncomplicated because all the sisters agree everyone needs to know how to make a good chili. Fresh Vegetable Chili, coming right up!

On today’s podcast, we thank you for twenty years of participation in the Satellite Sisters community.  It’s times like that remind us how important it is to have each other.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts in our Facebook Group. Thanks also to all the Satellite Sisters and Misters who are on the front lines of caring for everyone so we can shelter safely at home.  We are grateful.

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Looking for new toys for your own Nana Academy? Our favorites come from SDToyz. including their Smithsonian Museum Craft Kits. They are made right here in Southern California. SDToyz is strictly adhering to social distancing in their factory. Half the staff comes in one day, and the other half the next. But continuing to pay 100% of salaries. We’d like to support that.