Poldark Season 2 Finale: Ross Rides Again

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Poldark Season finale!! The Satellite Sisters are here to recap the Season Finale of Poldark Season 2, featuring many many windswept scenes, furious riding, angry mobs, trembling lips, a birthing and a coupling. Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the PBS drama in this weekly podcast. It’s the Season Finale, though that seems to have come as a surpass to Julie who was shocked at the amount of story in a single episode. And there was a lot happening in this Season Finale of Poldark. Will Demelza forgive Ross?  Will Elizabeth do something besides stare out the window? Will Dwight join the Navy or continue to dissect himan body parts in Cornwall? Will Caroline exchange that red coat for a blue one?  Will George the Weasal gift his henchman a few sessions at a tanning salon? And finally, when will we see Aunt Agatha standing over that bubbling cauldron, reciting, Double, Double Toil and Trouble? Storylines one at a time: Dwight & Caroline: he joins the Navy and she’s all, “Hey, Sailor..”  George & Elizabeth: George builds a wall, tosses out the poor and belives in boarding school. Elizabeth is preggers.  Ross & Demelza: She’s not all that impressed by the tin, the new man, Elizabeth’s set-up. Ross plays matchmaker, town leaders and then sweeps in and gets to be a hero. But will their renewed love stand the test of time and that baby Elizabeth brings into the windswept World of Cornwall.
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