Podcast 101122: Katie Couric’s Breast Cancer, Tuesday Trends, Entertaining Sisters Recs, Soup!

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Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan discuss Katies Couric’s breast cancer diagnosis, Plus, more health news in circadian medicine, trends in retailing and car design and more soup! And, Fat Bears scandal! And novel news. Find Lian Dolan’s Book Tour schedule here.

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Show notes with Links: 

Health Information

Katie Couric’s podcast episode about Breast Cancer

The Sunday read from The New York Times about Circadian Medicine

Nutrition Diva


Car Paint Colors

Watching TV with Captions On

Selling Toys to Adults

Giselle Bunchen is a witch #witchtok


Entertaining Sisters

Ina Garden’s New Cookbook Go-To Dinners

Colleen Hoover

Women’s Sports on Instagram: @OnHerTurf

Mrs Harris Goes To Paris trailer

Derry Girls Final Season

Moone Boy on Amazon Prime Video



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