Podcast 092623: Biz Quiz, Fall Entertaining, Wedding News

Liz Dolan and Lian Dolan on the podcast today to cover breaking parking news, incredible wedding announcements, podcast recommendations and Thanksgiving prep. Yes– already!


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Show Notes: 

Fall Entertaining with Melissa Austin-Weeks from Home with a Twist . Join Melissa’s mailing list for registration details for the Thanksgiving Prep class. 



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Biz Talk Question for Liz: Does Satellite Sisters need a moat? 


Plus another biz buzz word


Congrats to Robin Roberts and Amber Laign 


Extreme athlete marries Extreme producer


Influencer engaged to Scholar and both are awful



How much should you spend on a wedding gft



Entertaining Sisters:

Thanks for the recommendation

WITCH podcast from BBC 



Wait– there are BRITISH podcasts!!! 


Amy Poehler has a new podcast: Say More with Dr Sheila