Podcast 091322: Royalty Report, Doppelgänger Science, Witches + Books

The sisters discuss the death of Queen Elizabeth, all the surrounding pomp, even her fashion sense. Plus do you have a doppleganger? Science says your twin is out there! . How do dentists care for their own teeth (a couple of surprises) and a new eating disorder had been diagnosed and named. Also Martha Stewart expands her brand into hiking!


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Entertaining Sisters:

Julies shares 9 shows to stream about the Queen from the BBC.

Liz recommends the audiobook of bestseller Crying In H Mart by Michelle Zauner who reads it herself.

Also Welcome to Wrexham on FX and Hulu, a documentary about a soccer team in Wales that Ryan Reynolds and Rob McIlhenny bought.

Plus will you be going to see the new Olivia Wilde-directed film Don’t Worry Darling? So much scandal and Hollywood drama around it!

Lian publishes her newest list of witchy books for the spooky season on the satellite sisters blog.

Want to join Lian at a book signing for Lost & Found in Paris this fall? The latest schedule is here on her website.

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