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Lian Dolan advice for Jeff Bezos about Whole Foods

Hello, Jeff Bezos. Now that you’ve bought Whole Foods, grocery store believer Lian Dolan has some advice for you about what makes grocery stores great. Let’s start with the food. And the people.

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, Lian Dolan, Julie Dolan and Liz Dolan tackle the new grocery store wars, videogames to qualify for your next job, the summer return of the college student, how to fix golf and a quiz called ‘Is Your Pet Lonely?”  Plus we welcome sponsors RXBar, HelloFresh and BarkBox.

First, Julie reflects on the death of Otto Warmbier. As someone who was a tourist in North Korea herself, she would never go back there now.

Next, who’s excited for Grocery Store Wars? It’s not a new game on the Food Network.  It’s actually happening in your neighborhood. Amazon buys Whole Foods and disrupts the whole grocery store industry. And we’re psyched. Let’s make grocery shopping cool again! But Lian has a few words for Jeff Bezos of Amazon.  Now that you’ve bought Whole Foods, please don’t forget about what makes grocery stores great:  the actual food and the people who work there.

Seven Sisters Women Complete Channel Crossing Relay

Dolan family relay team circa ’72? No. A relay team of six women from seven sisters colleges who recently completed the first all-female relay double crossing of the Catalina Channel. Our Satellite Sisters of the Week!

Liz is concerned that this new way of screening applicants for jobs using video games may actually prevent her from ever getting another job.  If it’s not Pac-Man, she’s out. She’s also got a quiz about whether pets get lonely.  After you take it, you may end up buying a guinea pig.  You are warned.

Julie has three sports stories.  1) How she is going to save gold by introducing shorts on the PGA Tour, 2) Whether yoga has really jumped the shark by introducing goats, and 3) Seven Sisters Who Swam The Channel To Catalina and Back.  Liz adds the news that Zumba has been banned in Iran.  #staynoisy, Zumba instructors.

Movie and book recommendations this week: Go see Kate Mara in Megan Leavey, based on a true story about a marine and her dog.  Julie says Rex the dog “has an enormous emotional range.”  In the book review department, try Ellen Herrick’s The Forbidden Garden , a romantic folly in a magical British garden. You’ll want to replant your entire garden after reading this wonderful book.  And Lian loves Annabelle Gurwitch’s tale of her nutty family Wherever You Go, There They Are. 

Reminder:  We are working on a new media kit for Satellite Sisters and need your help answering 6 easy survey questions that will help us know who is listening to the podcast.  Here’s the link.  Thanks for your help.  You’re the best!


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Lian’s German Shepherd Steffi is so honored to have inspired our new promo code from sponsor Bark Box. Go to www.barkbox.steffi

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