Outlander Re-Cap: It’s a Whole Lotta Jamie!

Outlander returns and so does Sister Sassenach, our re-cap.

Outlander returns and so does Sister Sassenach, our re-cap.

The  Tuesday show with lots of news from TV Land, including our Outlander Re-Cap! Sister Sassenach is back with a Whole Lotta Jamie. Lian and Julie discuss this week’s episode of Outlander on Starz. Plus, Is Kimmy Schmidt connected to the death of Dr. Brandt? From the Washington Post.  And John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden and it’s great. Worth Watching, for sure.

Plus: We dedicate this show to Kelly Clarkson. We love you Kelly. This one’s for you.

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The Puppy Update.  Maverick arrives and we’re already playing Hide n’ Seek. Lian’s neighbor gets a new German shepherd dogs and Lian steps in as the Furry Godmother.

Going Back to College at age 50. Is it for you? Do you want to get a new degree? Or just be an undergrad again. The New York Times examines going back to college ‘in your next life.’ 

News update:

Breast Milk standards. Lactivist Julie states her case.

Ellen Pao case. She speaks up to Katie Couric and Julie reports on the latest.

Facebook tidbits: Thanks for the Easter photos! Keep’em coming. And the Satellite Sisterhood knows everyone, including those people who bought a 14 million dollar apartment because their kids liked it.


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