Oscar Round-Up, Sketchy Business Advice for Kardashians, #TheSweeneySisters Book Giveaway!

Our Top Oscar Stories? Regina King is our Queen and Brad Pitt is our Paul Newman. This, some bad business advice for Kim Kardashian and much more on today’s Satellite Sisters podcast. Listen.  Laugh.  Share.

On this week’s episode,  Lian pulls the very first winners for The Sweeney Sisters book giveaway.  See instructions below!

Plus we cover:

Oscar Round-Up 2020: ET has their recap. LA Times has their recap.  And Satellite Sisters has ours. Top Story:  Plus producer Lian rewrites the Oscar show flow.

Lian has interesting health news: The great Jane Brody writes When Life Throws You Curveballs about how to find a new normal and Optimism is good for your health.

Tuesday Trends:  Flip Phones Are Back!  Kim Kardashian’s Shapewear Ambitions

Facial Recognition in Schools. (For more on facial recognition, listen to this edition of The Daily.)

For maximum distraction factor, we recommend two fun stories Naked Cooking and Cat + Dog TV

Entertaining Sisters: Our TV, book and theatre recommendations are

HGTV Unsellable Houses–New show with twin sister real estate agents

Long Bright River by Liz Moore : Julie liked this gritty crime/family drama with two sisters

What The Constitution Means To Me: The Broadway show is on a national tour now. Liz saw it in LA. It tackles issues related to women’s rights and the U S Constitution. For more detail, we recommend the episode of Katie Couric’s podcast that covers the ERA. She interviews the author and provides some really interesting history.

Lian Dolan’s new novel The Sweeney Sisters comes out on April 28.  Enter our new contest to win an Advanced Reader’s Copy of The Sweeney Sisters by posting a photo of you and your Satellite Sisters or Misters on Instagram or in our Satellite Sisters Facebook Group with the hashtags #TheSweeneySisters and #satsisters. Once a week, Lian will randomly pull one winner from each.  Follow @satsisters on Instagram and join our Satellite Sisters Facebook Group to see all the entries.

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