Olympics Love! Dog News! And Royal Wedding Updates!

The Hat! The Hair! The kickass athletic performance on that third and final run in the half pipe.Way to go, Chloe Kim.

Let’s hear it for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics! Lian breaks down 8 Truths about the Olympics Games. Julie follows-up with an International News Round Up featuring her fave foes: Russia and North Korea. Then Liz brings it on home with HUGE dog news. Also, an update on breast cancer pioneer and fave Satellite Sisters, Dr. Susan Love. Join her ArmyofWomen and aid breast cancer research.


Plus, Royal Wedding, Crazy PR pitches and National Tortellini Day. (Check out the Tortellini Recipes from Three Bridges )

Who’s a Good Dog? Liz has some news to share. Ruff!

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