News on North Korea & Nobel Prize Ceremony

North Korea


Lian Dolan, Julie Dolan and Liz Dolan of the Satellite Sisters on the weekly podcast featuring News, Talk & Laughs. This week on the show, Julie fills us in on what’s happening in North Korea after attending a policy summit at the Bush Library called Light Through the Darkness hosted by President and Mrs. Bush. Where are the concerns for the future of North Korea and the US relationship with that country? According to experts, it’s nuclear weapons and human rights concerns and the two go hand in hand. Julie has the latest thinking from public policy experts, academics and defectors who are making a new life here in the US. Plus, news of a scholarship fund for  North Koreans who make it out of the country and resettle in America. Interested in North Korea and want more information? Julie recommends heading over to this Bush Center link to read the full report on North Korea or follow the hashtag #ExposeNK .


Liz test-rides electric bikes at an E-Bike Expo in Santa Monica.

Lian reports on the Nobel Prize for Literature. Let’s give Patti Smith that Prize instead of Bob Dylan. Patti seems to have the right idea about how to get the most out of your Nobel experience. Read the story from the Los Angeles Times here.

Julie on the Cottage Cheese Comeback. She recommends

American Airlines has new uniforms and they itch. Read about them here.

Amazon tests new stores with no checkout.  Are you ready to Grab & Go?

Picks & Pans: 

Julie recommends two books: A Gentleman in Moscow and Commonweath. Plus, some tips for going to Manchester by the Sea.