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The Dallas Morning News reports today that Texas is last in the nation in the percentage of drivers with personalized license plates. FYI- Virginia ranks first with more than 16 percent of vehicles having personalized plates. Reasons cited for the low vanity in the lone star state is the time-consuming application process, low key marketing of the service and a state crackdown on naughty words so you can’t have plates with double meanings or bad words in other languages.

It got me thinking about the Sisters and if we had vanity plates what they would be. For example, Monica could have Lab Rat 1 and Sheila could be Lab Rat 2. Liz, who has really, really been enjoying her 50th birthday could have I’M 50 and I can see Lian cruising around town with SASSY. As for me, I’d can’t decide if I would like INRU for the International News Round UP or perhaps, WWDFD for What Would Dr Forni Do ?or maybe just NORDICW for Nordic Walking. What do you think?

The other news from beyond that I am watching is the report that Spanish King Juan Carlos asked Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez to “shut up”. WWDFD? I have the full analysis of situation on this weekend’s edition of the INRU.

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