New Pod! Huge News! Liz Dolan announcing plans for Fall 2024

Liz announces her “Lizness Not Business” plan for 2024-25: She’s been accepted as a Fellow in Stanford University’s Distinguished Careers Institute. On this new episode, she answers Julie and Lian’s questions about the program and why she decided to make a big move this fall. You can also check out the program here. https://dci.stanford.edu/

Lian added a couple of special Satellite Sisters Meet-Ups on her book tour. On June 3 in Portland, there will be a no-host meet-up at McMenamins Cedar Hills not far from Powells Cedar Hills from 5:30 to 6:30 before her appearance at 7. Monica and Liz will both attend the meet-up and Powells. Woo hoo! Then Santa Fe on June 23, there will be a book discussion, wine and mingling at Chomp https://www.chompsantafe.com/ in the Community Loft. Complete details for all events on Lian’s website.

In other news on this podcast episode, Julie reviews the details of her Regional Family Meeting in Bend, Oregon and the difference one Carvel ice cream cake can make and has a special shout-out for the crew and passengers of American Airlines #530 – we love your new DFW – RDM service! Liz recommends not just season 3 of Hacks on Max but the official podcast about Season 3: https://youtu.be/KOFFlCL-hUY?si=V8SlLcydaXx_HsKN

Plus Pole Pedal Paddle happens in Bend, Oregon this weekend, a quintessential Bend athletic event that combines Alpine skiing, Nordic Skiing, biking down the mountain, running through dirt trails, paddling along the Deschutes River and a final sprint to the finish. https://www.bendsource.com/outside/from-the-mountain-to-the-river-embracing-bends-iconic-pole-pedal-paddle-tradition-21120015

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